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IsraCast Archive | September-October 2004


PM Sharon: ‘Unilateral Disengagement Will Continue On Schedule, But Peace Process Can Be renewed If New And Responsible Palestinian Leadership Takes Over From Arafat.’

‘Arafat Will Not Be Buried In Jerusalem as Long As I’m Prime Minister’

Defense Minister Mofaz: ‘War Against Terrorism Must Continue Without Letup’ Foreign Minister Shalom: ‘Israel Must Be Ready To Face New Opportunity’

The Israeli Cabinet has discussed the new situation in light of Yasser Arafat being flown to Paris for urgent medical treatment. At the weekly cabinet meeting, Prime Minister Sharon spoke about the possibility of resuming the Roadmap peace process, if a new Palestinian leadership takes over. On the other hand, the Prime Minister was adamant that Arafat would not be buried in Jerusalem as long as Sharon is in office. Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz and Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom also weighed in on how Israel should deal with a new Palestinian leadership, if Arafat drops out.



Palestinian PM Abu Ala Telephones Ariel Sharon To Apprise Him Of Arafat’s Condition

Israeli Intelligence Sources: ‘Senior Palestinian Officials Say Privately That Arafat’s Policy of Terrorism Has Been An Utter Failure’

Analyst David Essing: ‘Israeli People Will Be Watching To See If Arafat’s Successors Will Be Ready To Stop Terrorism and Make Peace’

Could the Israeli-Palestinian conflict be on a new threshold? Hopefully turning from terrorism and bloodshed to negotiation and peace? Or might the Palestinians be headed for a bloody power struggle with the extremists gaining the upper hand? This is the question Israelis are now asking if and when a new Palestinian leadership succeeds the reign of Yasser Arafat. In what is viewed as a conciliatory step, Palestinian Prime Minister Abu Ala has telephoned Ariel Sharon to apprise him of the situation. The Israeli Prime Minister offered all possible medical aid.



Fired Cabinet Minister Landau: ‘Despite Yesterday’s Vote, Sharon’s Opponents To Withdrawal Are Now A Majority In The Likud’

Cabinet Minister Sheetrit: ‘Netanyahu And Other Likud Opponents Chickened Out In the Knesset Vote And Will Do So Again’

Where is the ruling Likud Party of Prime Minister Ariel Sharon now headed? The party split down the middle; some Likud MKs voted for Sharon’s withdrawal while others opposed it. In addition, Sharon’s party rival Finance Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and three other cabinet ministers issued an ultimatum, warning they will resign if the Prime Minister does not agree to a national referendum within 2 weeks. Meir Sheetrit another Likud cabinet minister says the cabinet ‘rebels’ backed down in yesterday’s vote and he believes they will again.

However, Likud Cabinet Minister Uzi Landau and Deputy Minister Michael Ratzon now say that 5 more Likud cabinet ministers also oppose the pullout and Sharon’s opponents are now a majority in the Likud Knesset caucus.



Knesset Votes 67-45 For Sharon’s Evacuation Plan

Finance Minister Netanyahu: ‘I and 3 Other Likud Ministers Will Quit Cabinet, If Sharon Does Not Agree To National Referendum Within Fourteen Days’

Analyst David Essing: ‘Netanyahu Blinked First In Confrontation With Prime Minister; Senior Sources Say Sharon Will Not Budge On Referendum’

Israel’s Parliament, the Knesset, has voted in favor of Prime Minister Ariel Sharon’s disengagement plan to evacuate the Gaza Strip and 4 northern Samaria settlements by the end of next year. However, there was high drama hours before the vote when Binyamin Netanyahu, Sharon’s main rival in the Likud party, served an ultimatum to the Prime Minister; Netanyahu and three other ministers Livnat, Katz and Naveh threatened to resign unless Sharon agreed to hold a national referendum on the evacuation within 14 days. But then in the Knesset vote, the four rebel ministers caused an up-roar when they voted for Sharon’s proposal. Analyst David Essing says Netanyahu has blinked first in what is now an open confrontation with Sharon.



Pm Sharon: ‘This Is An Hour Of Fate For Israel And I Call Upon The Knesset to Support My Disengagement’

Right Wing Opponents: ‘Sharon, You Are Selling Out Israel And Giving In To Terrorism’

Opposition leader Peres:’ Labor Is Solidly Behind Sharon’s Withdrawal Plan’

Launching the historic Knesset debate of his withdrawal plan, Prime Minister Ariel Sharon called on Israel’s parliament to support a pullout from the Gaza Strip and 4 West Bank settlements. With the support of the opposition Labor party, Sharon can count on a majority when the 120 MKs vote on Tuesday night. Labor party leader Shimon Peres also came out in strong support of Sharon. Israeli police in the capital have gone on special alert to cope with tens of thousands of settlers who plan on besieging the parliament in Jerusalem.



Disengagement Opponents Now Threaten To Vote Against Budget In Order To Torpedo Withdrawal

Cabinet Approves Compensation Bill For Settlers

Rabbi Ovadia Yosef’s decision will not block the Knesset passage of Prime Minister Ariel Sharon’s withdrawal plan on Tuesday. However, the 11 Shas votes against the pullout from Gaza and 4 West Bank settlements, has added momentum to Sharon’s opponents. The opponents are now threatening to scuttle the new state budget which will come before the House within two weeks.



Opposition Leader Shimon Peres To Plead Sharon’s Case For Withdrawal

To Rabbi Ovadia Yosef Before Crucial Knesset Vote

Analyst David Essing: ‘Prime Minister Sharon Will Need Decisive Victory Next Tuesday To Stem Mounting CampaignAgainst His Withdrawal Plan’ ‘Shas Party Holds the Key’

On October 25th, the Knesset is set for an historic vote on Prime Minister Ariel Sharon’s plan to withdraw from the Gaza Strip and 4 West Bank settlements by the end of next year. Although the common wisdom is that Sharon will garner a majority, analyst David Essing says the Prime Minister needs a decisive win to stem campaign being mounted by opponents to the withdrawal.



Gen.(res.) Eiland: ‘Israeli Residents Will Be Out Of Gaza Strip, One Way Or The Other, By End Of Next September’

Knesset Speaker Rivlin: ‘I'm Dumbfounded By Sharon's Withdrawal...It Will Breach Israel's Iron Wall Of Security’

General Giora Eiland, the head of Israel's National Security Council, Giora Eiland has briefed the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee on the details of the withdrawal from the Gaza Strip and 4 Samarian settlments by the end of next year. Eiland disclosed that negotiations for Egypt to take control of the Philadelfee Axis are dragging on so the IDF will have to remain there to prevent Palestinian arms smuggling into the Gaza Strip. In another development, Knesset Speaker Reuven Rivlin has launched a blistering attack on Sharon's evacuation plan charging that it will endanger Israel's security.


Greater success in bone marrow transplants

Research that aims at understanding and manipulating the way cells grow and age may soon help bone marrow transplants as well as chemotherapy patients to better deal with their treatments and prevent the creation of new cancer tumors.



PM Sharon: ‘No Referendum On Withdrawal; Stop Inciting IDF Soldiers To Disobey Orders!’

Settler Leaders: ‘Sharon Won’t Listen, We’ll Try And Persuade Likud MKs To Vote Against Evacuation!’

Prime Minister Ariel Sharon faced off with settler leaders and neither side gave way. Sharon declared he will go ahead with the withdrawal from the Gaza Strip and 4 settlements in Samaria by the end of next year. The settlers declare they’ll block the evacuation by political means while also warning of the danger of civil strife.



Senior Sources: ‘Prime Minister Sharon Has Passed The Point Of No Return On Implementing Gaza Evacuation’

Analyst David Essing: ‘Sharon Is Using Likud Rebels As Just Cause For Building Disengagement Coalition’

One day after suffering a symbolic defeat on his policy statement in the Knesset, Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has gone on the offensive. The Likud ‘rebels’ abstained in a Knesset vote resulting in the Prime Minister losing the vote sparking speculation that his government ‘s days were numbered. Sharon then convened a meeting of the Likud caucus but did not invite the 15 Likud MKs who did not vote for him. Senior sources also told David Essing that ‘Sharon has passed the point of no return’ on carrying out the Gaza withdrawal despite opposition from his own Likud party. On Israel Television, David Essing discussed the current situation with IBA political reporter Dan Diker. The moderator - Laura Cornfield:



JTA’s Ruth Ellen Gruber: ‘Gadhafi’s Invitation To Libyan Jews Should Be Viewed In The Concept Of His Global Policy’

 In a surprise move, Libyan leader Muamar Gadhafi recently invited a delegation of Libyan Jews from Rome to visit Tripoli. During Israel’s War of Independence in 1948, Anti-Semitic rioting drove out most of the 40,000 Libyan Jews and today no Jews are believed to be living in the country. However, Gadhafi rolled out the red carpet for the Jewish delegates calling them ‘brothers of Libya’. Ruth Ellen Gruber, JTA’s correspondent in Rome, has been covering the story and it was from the Italian capital that she was interviewed by David Essing:



PM Sharon Moves To Build A Disengagement Coalition

Analyst David Essing: ‘Sharon Now At Mercy Of Two Conflicting Coalitions’

Likud ‘rebels’, opposed to Prime Minister Sharon’s plan to evacuate the Gaza Strip and 4 West Bank settlements, have handed Sharon an embarrassing defeat in the Knesset. They abstained when the House took a vote on the Prime Minister’s policy statement on the disengagement which resulted in a 53-44 defeat. However, the rebels then voted with Sharon against a no- confidence vote by Labor which was defeated 60-52.Opening day of the winter Knesset session found the Prime Minister pitted against opponents in his Likud party over the withdrawal issue.

Who blinks first? Prime minister Ariel Sharon bent on implementing the withdrawal or the fifteen or so Likud rebels who oppose it? They squared off at the opening of the new winter session of the Knesset.



PM Sharon: ‘I’ll Present Disengagement Plan To the Knesset on October 25th’. Evacuation Will Be Linked To Situation On the Ground’

Labor’s Peres: ‘We’ll Support Sharon Only If He Sincere On Disengagement As Part Of Roadmap Process’

Analyst David Essing: ‘Likud Rebels Warn Privately They’ll Try To Topple Sharon If He Carries Out Withdrawal’

Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has opened the Knesset’s winter session by announcing that he will present his disengagement plan to the House in another two weeks. Sharon was confident the Knesset will approve the controversial plan, which calls for the evacuation of the Gaza Strip and 4 settlements on the West Bank. Opposition leader Shimon Peres declared that his Labor party will support Sharon only if the Prime Minister proves he is sincere about really implementing the withdrawal. Peres sharply criticized the recent interview by Dov Weisglass, Sharon’s top aide, who said the disengagement plan was really designed to freeze the peace process with the Palestinians. Meanwhile, Likud rebels warn they will vote against the withdrawal. Analyst David Essing says some rebels warn if they cannot dissuade Sharon, they will topple him.

Tension was running high on the opening day of the new winter session. At stake are crucial Knesset votes on Prime Minister Ariel Sharon’s controversial plan to withdraw from the Gaza Strip and 4 isolated settlements in Samaria.


Two Israelis win the nobel prize for chemistry

Two Israeli scientists along with an American scientist have won the 2004 Nobel Prize for Chemistry for their pioneering research on the mechanism of dissolution of cell proteins. Their work has led to breakthroughs in the understanding and treatment of diseases such as cancer, Alzheimers, Parkinsons disease and cystic fibrosis.



IDF Gen. Zeevi-Farkash: ‘High Probability That Al-Qaeda Carried Out Sinai Bombings’

MK Steinitz: ‘Mossad Has Foiled Some Al Qaeda Attacks On Israel In The Past’

IDF Chief Of Staff Ya’alon: ‘Let’s Hope That After Explosives Were Used Against Egyptian Hotels On Egyptian Soil, Egypt Will Now Crack Down On Palestinian Arms Smuggling Through Sinai’

Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz calls the Sinai bombings, ‘mega-terror’ - they were aimed at murdering as many Israelis as possible. Mofaz was speaking at an urgent session of the Israeli cabinet after huge bombs ripped through the Taba Hilton hotel and a tourist resort packed with Israeli tourists on the Simchat Torah holiday. IDF Chief Of Staff Moshe Ya’alon said that after explosives were used against Egyptian hotels on Egyptian soil, maybe Egypt would finally crack down on Palestinian arms smuggling through Sinai to the Gaza Strip. IDF intelligence chief, General Aharon Zeevi-Farkash told the cabinet there is a high probability that al-Qaeda carried out the bombings. MK Yuval Steinitz of the Likud, the chairman of the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee, also says the Mossad has foiled some previous al Qaeda attacks on Israeli and Jewish targets. Dr Steinitz told David Essing there are at least two reasons why al Qaeda was probably responsible for the Sinai bombings:



Interview with Dr. Dan Schueftan,

Israeli Middle east expert

Dr. Dan Schueftan: ‘Egypt Bears Responsibility For Failing to Halt Smuggling Of Explosives Through Sinai’

‘Israel Should Not Permit The Terrorism To Alter Sharon’s Time-Table For Evacuating Gaza Strip’


Long range explosive detector

An Israeli company has developed a laser device that can detect a suicide bomber's explosives belt or chemical weapons from dozens of meters away. The new device can also detect minute traces of narcotics to help police forces fight drugs as well as minerals buried underground.



Sderot Mayor Eli Moyal: ‘My 24,000 Citizens Have Been Held Hostage By Qassam Rockets From Gaza’

Analyst David Essing: ‘Success Of Current IDF Operation Is A Test Case, One That Must Be Won’

The Negev town of Sderot is preparing to celebrate Simchat Torah, the ‘Rejoicing of the Torah’. Last week, Palestinian terrorists in the Gaza Strip launched a salvo of Qassams into the town on the holiday of Succot, murdering small children and wounding many other civilians. Mayor Eli Moyal says his town has long been terrorized by the Palestinians who have fired some 400 rockets trying to kill and maim as many civilians as possible. David Essing has interviewed the Mayor of Sderot and analyzes the current situation in the midst of the IDF operation.

What do you call the random firing of 400 rockets at a defenseless town, 89 of which have hit every one of its neighborhoods? It is surely a blitz designed to terrorize the population. And what would be a ‘proportionate’ response?



Dr. Dore Gold: ‘UNRWA, the United Nations Works & Relief Agency Employs Hamas Terrorists’

‘It’s Like U.N. bodies In Afghanistan Employing Members of Al Qaeda’

UNRWA, the U.N. organization operating in the Palestinian refugee camps in the Gaza Strip and West Bank, actually employs Hamas terrorists. This has been disclosed by Israel’s former Ambassador to the U.N., Dr. Dore Gold, who told Israel Television English News that there is ample documentation of this situation. The disclosure follows Israel Air Force video which shows Palestinian terrorists using a U.N. ambulance to transport Qassam rockets and launchers. Jerusalem is calling for an official U.N. enquiry and the firing of UNRWA commissioner Peter Hansen, who Israeli officials say is pro- Palestinian.


GAZA - 'Days Of Penitence' - Day 4

PM Sharon: ‘Current IDF Operation In Gaza Will Put Total Stop To Qassam Rockets On Sderot’

‘No Time Limit For Goal Of Creating A Qassam Free Zone’

‘Gaza Evacuation To Continue On Schedule’

Israel Air Force Film Footage Catches Palestinians Using U.N. Ambulance To Transport Qassam Rockets

‘Days Of Penitence’, the major IDF operation to prevent Qassam rockets from hitting the Israeli town of Sderot, entered its fourth day by keeping pressure on the Palestinian terrorists. Over fifty Palestinians most of them armed, have been killed. The counter-offensive was launched after Qassam rockets blew up in Sderot on the eve of Succot murdering two small children; another woman was shot dead by terrorists and two IDF soldiers were also killed. Commenting on the situation, Prime Minister Ariel Sharon declared the Qassams will be stopped.In another development, Palestinians have been filmed transporting Qassam rocket launchers in a United Nations ambulance.



IDF Chief OF Staff Ya’alon: ‘Current Operation To Continue Until No Qassam Rockets Fall On Sderot; But There Is No Quick Fix’

Defense Minister Mofaz: ‘IDF Reinforcements To Gaza To Help Distance Qassam Rockets From Israeli Border’

Finance Minister Netanyahu: ‘Sharon Will Halt Disengagement If There’s A Catastrophe Over Palestinian Terrorism Or A Jewish Civil War’

The Gaza Strip has exploded into a major flare-up after Palestinian attacks murdered five Israelis within twenty- four hours. The current upsurge in bloodshed started when several of the Qassam rockets slammed into the town of Sderot inside Israel killing two small children, a two-year-old toddler and a four year old. Two IDF soldiers and a kindergarten teacher out for an early morning walk, were next in line. The IDF has hit back hard and the security cabinet ordered the IDF to go all out to finally halt the attacks. More than thirty Palestinians have been killed. Meanwhile, Finance Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, Sharon’s main rival in the Likud, says the Prime minister may halt the Gaza withdrawal ‘if there is a catastrophe’.



IDF Gen. Zeevi-Farkash: ‘Terrorists Will Launch Major Drive To Step Up Attacks After Israeli Pull-out From Gaza Strip’

MK Steinitz:‘I Found Strong Support Among U.S. Congressmen and Senators For Doing What Is Necessary To Prevent Iran From Acquiring Nuclear Weapons’

IDF intelligence commander, Maj. Gen. Aharon Zeevi-Farkash has presented his assessment for the new year in a confidential briefing to the Knesset Foreign Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee. After the briefing, committee chairman MK Yuval Steinitz of the Likud said there is still a chance that international pressure may dissuade Iran from producing nuclear weapons which would pose the gravest threat to Israel.



In the recent German elections, parties of the far right made impressive gains. Just how significant is it that more German voters have turned to these parties and their racist ideologies? What has been the reaction of the Jewish community? In addition, JTA correspondent Toby Axelrod will also be commenting on the fact that al Qaeda terrorists used Hamburg, to stage part of the 9/ 11 attack on America. And more recently, German businessmen have again been caught red – handed trying to sell nuclear technology, this time to Iran.



Israeli Embassies And Diplomatic Missions Abroad Go On Alert After Targeted Killing Of Top Hamas Terrorist In Damascus

Israeli Deputy Defense Minister: ‘Syria Cannot Participate In the Spilling Of Israeli Blood And Remain Immune’

Syria: ‘Israel Responsible For Act Of State Terrorism’

Does Mossad Succeed Where CIA Fails?

Israeli officials refuse to confirm, but neither do they deny, that Mossad agents carried out the targeted killing of a top Hamas terrorist, Iz a Din al Sheikh Khalil in Damascus yesterday. David Essing has an update on the situation. In addition, a former senior Mossad official, Dr. Mishka Ben-David, takes the wraps off some of the intelligence organization’s operations.

After the two bus bombings in Be’er-Sheva which murdered fifteen Israelis, Israeli leaders pointed the finger at Syria warning those responsible,’ should not sleep well’ at night. Those warnings have apparently been translated into action.



Prime Minister Sharon: ‘Anyone Who Says I’m Not Clobbering Terrorists Is Out Of His Mind!’

Deputy Premier Olmert: ‘Israel Will Smite Cancer of Terrorists Wherever They Are’

PM Cancels His Participation In Yom-Kippur Memorial As A Result Of Threats By Right-Wingers Opposed To His Withdrawal

At Jerusalem’s Mount Herzl military cemetery, the annual memorial service was held for the 2,689 IDF soldiers who fell in the Yom-Kippur War of October 1973. However, Prime Minister Ariel Sharon canceled his participation because of the extremely tight security precautions after threats, apparently from opponents to his withdrawal plans. As a rule, Israel never comments on the killing of terrorists abroad, however both Sharon and Deputy Premier Ehud Olmert were talking about the need to hit the terrorists, when a leading Palestinian terrorist was assassinated in Damascus.


DNA-based algorithm reveals musical taste

An Israeli company has developed a computer algorithm that can identify a persons musical taste and then recommend music specifically tailored to that individual. Using this new algorithm the company has developed a number of applications ranging from cell phone ring tones and karaoke to Smart Music Terminals in music shops that have successfully boosted sales by as much as 20%.


New non-invasive cancer treatment

Non-invasive technique developed in Israel might open a new area in cancer treatment as high intensity ultrasound replaces the old-fashioned surgical knife.The new treatment is already in use with breast cancer patients and is being administered at advanced medical centers in Europe, Japan and Israel and the FDA advisory panel has recommended it for approval in the U.S.


Computed x-ray system saves American soldiers

A unique Israeli x-ray system sold to the U.S. military helps army medics obtain high quality digital x-ray pictures on the front line. Dozens of these units have already seen combat service in Iraq and Afghanistan with outstanding results.


Micro cooling unit on the way to Mercury

NASA's recently lunched spacecraft to Mercury is carrying with it not only advanced scientific instruments to explore the tiny hot planet, but also a small piece of Israeli ingenuitya micro refrigerator that will keep the delicate equipment onboard the ship cool as it races ever closer to the sun.


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