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IsraCast Archive | September-October 2005


PM Sharon: 'Iranian President Expressed What Israel's Enemies Fear To Say Publicly'

'Greater International Understanding For Israel's Need To Defend Herself From Terror & Nuclear Threat'

'The Security Fence Will Continue At Full Pace. Its Route Is Designed To Provide Maximum Safety For Israelis and Minimum Suffering To Palestinians'

Prime Minister Ariel Sharon opened the last session of Israel's parliament with a stern message for Iran and the Palestinian terrorists, as well as his political critics at home. After the new winter session, Israeli votes are scheduled to the polls, next fall, if not before then. In a carefully worded comment, Sharon referred to the threat by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad about wiping Israel off the map. He also warned there would be no let-up in Israel's war against Palestinian terrorism. As for the future, Sharon declared he intends to win the next general election and open the new Knesset in 2006.



Israeli Foreign Minister Shalom: 'Iran May Acquire Know-how For Producing Nuclear Bomb Within Six Months'

Dr. Meir Rosenne: 'Similarity Between Hitler's Vow To Annihilate Jewish People & Ahmadinejad's Call To Wipe Jewish State Off The Map'

'No Doubt Ahmadinejad Has Blatantly Violated U.N. Charter & International Law'

There has been broad international condemnation of the call by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad 'to wipe Israel off the map'. At the U.N. in New York, Israel's Ambassador Danny Gillerman has officially urged Secretary General Kofi Annan to initiate the expulsion of Iran from the world body on the grounds that Iran has flagrantly violated the U.N. charter by calling for the destruction of a member state. The latest Iranian threat comes against the backdrop of Tehran's drive to produce nuclear weapons. Israel's Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom has now revealed that Iran may acquire the know-how for producing nuclear weapons within six months. The way would then be open for Iran to actually produce a nuclear bomb within a couple of years.



Israel Declares War On Islamic Jihad After Suicide Bomber Murders Five Israelis

Israel Points Finger At Jihad Headquarters That Operates Out Of Damascus, Syria

Israel Launches Major Counter-terrorism Drive Against Islamic Jihad

15:42 : A powerful bomb blast rips through the market of Hadera. The unsuspecting group of Israelis never knew what hit them before they were literally blown to smithereens. Twenty-year old Hassan Abu-Zeid, a member of the Islamic Jihad organization had detonated over ten pounds of explosives he was carrying in a satchel. Five people were murdered outright, over thirty others were wounded, some of them critically. In the Gaza Strip, the Islamic Jihad was quick to claim responsibility while Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas again condemned terrorism against Israel, warning that the violence was sabotaging a future Palestinian state. While the terrorists were bombing in Hadera, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad called for Israel to be wiped off the map.


THIS WEEK 22.10.05

Crucial Choices For Some Key Players

Syrian President Assad - Cooperate With U.N. & U.S. Or Risk His Minority Alewite Regime?

Palestinian Leader Abbas - Did President Bush Rule Out Leapfrogging Terror To Palestinian State?

Likud’s Netanyahu - Quit Politics?

The U.N. enquiry into the assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri has placed responsibility at the door of Syrian President Bashar Assad. The Syrian dictator must decide how to cope with the mounting crisis, apparently of his own making. Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas went to Washington and a meeting with U.S. President George W. Bush against the backdrop of the Palestinian Authority’s lack of response in reining in terrorism. Although the Palestinians are trying to put a brave face on the outcome, the fate of the Palestinian state may also be at stake. In Israel, the Maariv daily carried a banner headline that Binyamin Netanyahu may quit politics after his failed attempt to topple Prime Minister Ariel Sharon.



Maj. Gen. Zeevi-Farkash: 'Israel Must Assume That Iran Would Use Nuclear Weapons Against Israel'

'Palestinian Leader Mahmoud Abbas Will Not Risk Armed Conflict With Hamas & Islamic Jihad'

'Syria's President Bashar Assad Could Halt Infiltrations Across His Border Into Iraq, If He Wanted To'

The Chief of IDF Intelligence Maj. Gen. Aharon Zeevi-Farkash has warned that Iran's nuclear weapons program is a threat to Europe no less than it is to Israel. In an interview with the Israeli daily Maariv, the intelligence official also said Israel should not rule out a military option, if the diplomatic approach fails to deter Tehran from continuing its clandestine program to produce nuclear weapons. As for the Palestinians, Mahmoud Abbas will back down rather than face a military confrontation with the terror groups that defy his authority. Gen. Zeevi-Farkash believes it is only a matter of time before the U.S. attacks Syria, if President Bashar Assad continues to allow the flow of guerrillas and explosives across the Syrian border into Iraq.



Analyst Shalom Harari: 'Palestinians Are Also Shooting Themselves In The Foot By Latest Attacks'

'Mahmoud Abbas Refuses To Order His 50,000 Armed Security Personnel To Crack Down On Terrorists'

'Sharon Should Be Conciliatory To Foil Palestinian Plot To Blame Israel For Breakdown In Peace Process'

What are the implications on the ground of the two deadly drive-by shooting raids on the West Bank? Two Israeli young women and a teenage youth were shot dead when gunmen cruised by in a car spraying machine gun fire at a group of Israeli civilians near the hitch-hiking station at the Gush Etzion Junction. Three more Israelis were wounded. A short time later, terrorists in another car opened fire a group of boys walking near the settlement of Ali. One youngster was injured. Israel has reacted by closing some main roads to private Palestinian vehicles and reimposing roadblocks and closures. The IDF is also stepping up arrests and targeted killing of terrorists. The latest attacks came on the day that Palestinian leader Abu Mazen (Mahmoud Abbas) left on a trip to Washington for a meeting with U.S. President George Bush. In an interview with IsraCast, Shalom Harari a Palestinian expert at the Herzlyia Inter-disciplinary Center and a Brig. Gen. (res.) in the IDF intelligence Corps, assesses the situation.



Prof. Eyal Zisser: 'It Cannot Be Ruled Out That Syrians Killed Their Intelligence Ghazi Kanaan In Order To Cover-Up Involvement In Assassination Of Former Lebanese Leader Rafik Hariri'

'Fall Of Syrian President Bashar Assad's Minority Regime Could Lead Trigger Chaos Similar To Iraq'

'Prime Minister Sharon Is Correct In Steering Clear Of U.S.- Syrian Confrontation'

Is the Syrian regime of President Bashar Assad responsible for the death of Syrian intelligence chief Gen. Ghazi Kanaan? Professor Eyal Zisser, an expert on Syria at Tel Aviv University discusses the latest scandal linked to possible Syrian involvement in the assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri. The death of Kanaan, Syria's strongman in Lebanon for may years, also comes against the backdrop of the current U.S. - Syrian confrontation over the stream of Islamist terrorists into Iraq, where they have been killing American soldiers.



Dr Uri Bar-Yosef: 'Symptoms Of Israel's Intelligence Failure In Yom-Kippur War Still Remain'

'Aman, The IDF Intelligence Branch, Still Dominates Israel's National Security Assessment'

'If Gen. Ariel Sharon Had Been In Command Of Southern Front, Much Of Egyptian Army Would Probably Have Been Destroyed Crossing Suez Canal'

Thirty-two years have passed since Egypt and Syria armies caught Israel by surprise on Yom-Kippur, the Day of Atonement and the holiest day in the Jewish calendar. At around two o'clock in the afternoon, while Israelis were at prayer in synagogues across the country, massive Arab forces attacked across the Suez Canal and on the Golan Heights. Outnumbered by ten to one and more, the Egyptian and Syrian troops and tanks overran the sparse Israeli defenders and appeared to threaten the very existence of the Jewish state. Before the IDF recovered and drove back the invading armies, 2,586 Israeli soldiers were killed and thousands more wounded. It was a monumental intelligence failure and the trauma in Israel continues to this very day. What went wrong? Dr Uri Bar-Yosef, a strategic analyst at Haifa University and an IDF Colonel (res.) has conducted an exhaustive study in his book entitled 'The Watchman Fell Asleep' which has recently appeared in English.


Israeli Professor Wins Nobel Prize for Economics

Prof. Robert J. Aumann of the Center for Rationality at Hebrew University of Jerusalem today won the Nobel Prize for Economics for 2005, together with his US colleague, Thomas C. Schelling.



Amb. Zalman Shoval: 'Bush Speech Against Islamist Terrorism Recalls Churchill's Pledge Never To Surrender To Hitler'

'U.S.President Likely To Tell Palestinian Leader Abbas That U.S. Cannot Help Him, Unless He Combats Palestinian Terrorism'

'Co-opting Hamas Terrorists Into Palestinian Security Service Is Not An Option For Israel & Unlikely For U.S.'

In one of his most forceful speeches, U.S. President George W. Bush has condemned Syria and Iran for supporting Islamist terrorism in general and Iraq in particular. Speaking in the White House, Bush declared that Iraq had become the battleground for the confrontation and he was determined to stay the course despite mounting criticism at home and abroad. What are the implications of the Bush address for Israel, the target of Palestinian terrorism that is also backed by Syria and Iran? Zalman Shoval, a foreign policy advisor to Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and a former Israeli Ambassador to the U.S., discussed various aspects with David Essing.



Until recently cosmologists could not explain why elliptical galaxies did not appear to have dark matter haloes surrounding them, which is known to exist in other types of galaxies. Analyzing data from a simulation performed on one of the most advanced supercomputers in the world, an Israeli cosmologist showed that the existing model of elliptical galaxies was wrong, proving that dark matter was there all along.



PM Sharon: 'The Past Year Was Complex & Difficult; I Hope The Coming Year Will Be A Year Of Unifying The Ranks'

IDF Chief Of Staff Dan Halutz: 'The Palestinian Authority Clash With Hamas May Be The Beginning Of The Beginning'

Winner Of The Year - Ariel Sharon

Loser Of The Year - Binyamin Netanyahu

The past Jewish year of 5765 has ended with the state of Israel and the Palestinians at a new juncture. Israel has withdrawn from the Gaza Strip and four West Bank settlements under the leadership of a national unity government while the Palestinians are now in the throes of an internal confrontation. David Essing sums up the outgoing year and looks ahead to the new Jewish year of 5766.


Israeli pilotless chopper takes to the sky



Dr. Raanan Gissin: 'Although Mahmoud Abbas Has Taken Some Steps Against Terrorists, They Do Not Meet Minimal Demands of Israel & International Community'

'Signs That Palestinian Street Is Starting To Realize That New Rules Apply To Terrorism After Israel's Gaza Withdrawal'

'Hamas Cannot Be Peace Partner Unless It Lays Down Its Weapons Like IRA In Northern Ireland'

After launching forty Qassam rockets from the Gaza Strip into Israel's western Negev, Israel renewed its counter-terror operations. By week's end, the Palestinian Authority, Hamas and even the Islamic jihad were calling for a return to the former cease-fire. However, Israeli officials say 'new rules' now apply; after Israel's total withdrawal from the Gaza Strip, there will be no return to the 'low intensity' warfare. What are the implications on the ground and for the Roadmap peace process? What is the approach of Prime Minister Ariel Sharon after implementing the unilateral withdrawal and nearly being trounced by former Finance Minister Binyamin Netanyahu at the Likud party convention? Dr. Raanan Gissin, Sharon's media advisor discusses the issues in this interview with David Essing.



Syrian President Bashar Assad Gave The Palestinians A Green Light To Carry Out Terror Attacks Against Israel

Prof. Eyal Zisser: 'Assad wants to divert some of the international pressure by focusing on the Palestinian arena'

'The Americans Might Come To The Conclusion That It's Time To Hit Syria'

Israeli deputy defense minister Zeev Boim told Israel Radio that Syrian President Bashar Assad had encouraged the Palestinian terrorist groups to step up attacks on Israel. On this issue, here is an interview with Professor Eyal Zisser of Tel-Aviv University, a leading Israeli expert on Syria, broad-casted on IBA News:



U.S. Ambassador Richard H. Jones: 'The terrorists are trying to provoke Israel'

Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom: 'This is the time for (Abu Mazen) not to make statements but to take actions!'

U.S. Ambassador Richard H. Jones and Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom met during the Ambassador's visit to Israel early this week. IBA News brought their Reactions regarding the escalation in the Gaza Strip.



Pickup truck loaded with Qassam rockets explodes inside the crowd killing 19 people

Hamas blames Israel and fires rockets into western Negev and the town of Sderot

It all began during a Hamas rally at the Jabaliya refugee camp in the Gaza Strip on Friday. The Hamas members brought in pickup trucks loaded with Qassam rockets and explosives while waving their guns and shooting to all directions. The explosives were accidentally triggered, apparently as a result of the shooting, and the truck blew up, killing at least 19 Palestinians and injuring another 120. The Hamas was quick to blame Israel, which denied having anything to do with the incident.



By the end of September a Russian Cosmos 3 missile will be launched from the Plesetsk Cosmodrome 800 km north of Moscow, carrying two Iranian satellites into orbit. Although the satellites are claimed to be for meteorological and experimental purposes, experts believe that one of them will possess surveillance capabilities allowing it to observe American and Israeli military facilities throughout the Middle East. More importantly, experts believe that the Iranian space program serves as a cover for developing more advanced long-range missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads.



Dr. Schueftan : 'Israel made a major mistake in the negotiations with the Egyptians'

'The UN is an insult to anything that can bring stability and peace to the world'

Middle East expert Dr. Dan Schueftan says Israel is at fault for not pressing Egypt to fulfill its peace treaty commitments with Israel and blocking the smuggling of arms and explosives from Egyptian controlled Sinai into the Gaza Strip. In an interview with David Essing, Schueftan argued that Israel also was mistaken to undermine the Sinai demilitarization by agreeing that seven hundred and fifty Egyptian army soldiers replace Egyptian policemen in the Philadelfi Corridor that separates Sinai from the Gaza Strip. In the first days after the IDF evacuation, the Egyptian troops did not prevent a massive flow of people and apparently weapons to and from the Gaza Strip. As for Iran, Schueftan says in the final analysis the U.S. and not the U.N. will determine whether Tehran acquires nuclear weapons with which it has threatened to exterminate the Jewish state.



Rafik Hariri taped Syrian president Bashar Assad threatening his life

Rafik Hariri, former Lebanese Prime Minister, was assassinated in Beirut on February 14th, 2005 by a car bomb that killed also ten other people. He was a member of opposition parties that demanded Syria to withdraw its troops from Lebanon. While most of the clues to the bombing point to Damascus, Syrian President Assad has not yet claimed responsibility for Hariri's murder.



Dr. Dan Schueftan: 'Israel Must Reject Legitimacy Of Palestinian Elections With Hamas Which Calls For Extermination Of Israel and Jewish People'

'Mahmoud Abbas Is Impotent When It Comes To Enforcing Law & Order'

'No Prospect Of Responsible Palestinian Government In Foreseeable Future'

After Israel's unilateral withdrawal from the Gaza Strip and four West Bank settlements, the focus is now on the upcoming Palestinian elections in January. However, Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas insists that terror organizations such as Hamas must be allowed to participate in the election, although Hamas calls openly for the destruction of Israel and the Jewish people. Middle East expert Dr. Dan Schueftan of Haifa University rejects the idea that Israel supports such an election leading to a Palestinian state that would be based on Israel's destruction.



'When history looks back I want people to know the Nazis weren't able to kill millions of people and get away with it'

Simon Wiesenthal, 96, the Nazi hunter who pursued hundreds of war criminals after World War II and was central to preserving the memory of the Holocaust for more than half a century, died today in Vienna, Austria, his base of operations.



PM Sharon: 'Both Sides Will Have To Make Painful Compromises For Peace'

'UN Must Act To Prevent (Iran) From Acquiring Nuclear Weapons'

While Prime Minister Ariel Sharon was making his speech to the U.N. General Assembly in New York, anarchy ruled in the Gaza Strip and in the Philadelfi Corridor between Gaza And Egypt which is now manned by Egyptian soldiers after IDF troops pulled out. The Israeli leader has also made clear that if Hamas runs in the Palestinian elections this January, Israel will not cooperate. Hamas has a declared goal of wiping Israel off the map. Following Sharon's address at the U.N., the new Iranian President Ahmed Ahmadinejad again defied the international body by declaring that Tehran will continue its enrichment of uranium required for producing nuclear weapons. Iran has also threatened to exterminate the Jewish state.



P.M. Sharon: 'Palestinians Have Right To Liberty & Independent State'

'Palestinian's Most Important Test Will Be To Eliminate Terrorism and Incitement'

'U.N. Must Prevent ( Iran) From Acquiring Nuclear Weapons'

In his address, to the U.N. General Assembly, Israel's Prime Minister Ariel Sharon spelled out the historic right of the Jewish people to the Land of Israel. At the same time, Sharon said he recognized the rights of the Palestinians and he would be ready in the years ahead to make the painful concessions necessary to live in peace and co- existence.Without referring to Iran by name, Sharon stressed the danger of Tehran acquiring nuclear weapons.



Sharon To U.N: 'Now Is Time For Palestinians To Decide On Peaceful Co-Existence With Israel Or With Hamas, They Can't Have Both'

Israeli Officials: 'International Leaders Must Tell Palestinians They Must Reject Terrorists If They Want State'

Prime Time For Prime Minister In Match-Up With Netanyahu

On Thursday evening, Israeli time, Prime Minister Ariel Sharon is to address the U.N. General Assembly with the world waiting to hear how the Israeli leader views the next stage of the Israeli-Palestinian dispute. Israeli officials say Sharon will hold out the vision of an independent Palestinian state but also reject the idea that the Palestinians can preserve the option of terrorism. The officials say it is now up to the international community to impress this on the Palestinian leadership.



IDF Lowers Israeli Flag & Last Israeli Troops Evacuate Gaza

Thousands Of Flag-Waving Palestinians Swarm Into Gaza Torching Synagogues

Deputy-Premier Peres: 'Israel Found Strength To Rectify Historic Mistake Of Remaining In Gaza'

The Israeli withdrawal from the Gaza Strip has been completed without hitch. Last month, the settlements were evacuated and now the Israel Defense Forces have pulled out. The Palestinians are now in control. What are the prospects? How did Israel take control of the Gaza Strip thirty-eight years ago? The fact is that Defense Minister Moshe Dayan and IDF Chief of Staff Yitzhak Rabin planned on bypassing the Strip that was populated by Palestinian refugees, in order to smash the Egyptian tank formations that were threatening Israel from Sinai. It was only after two divisions of Egyptian and Palestinian forces stationed in Gaza started shelling villages in Israel that the IDF was ordered to enter Gaza.



After Thirty-Eight Years, Israel Defense Forces Prepare To Withdraw From Gaza Strip

Palestinian Gunmen Continue Reign of Terror In Gaza

Rabbis Sway Israeli Cabinet Not To Demolish Remnants Of Gaza Synagogues

After last month's evacuation of the settlements, the IDF is about to withdraw from the Gaza Strip. The military has completed its preparations for Operation Last Watch the final evacuation. At a Jerusalem cabinet meeting, Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and a majority of ministers spoke against demolishing synagogues in the Gaza Strip despite the fact that Palestinians will likely desecrate after they take over. All the religious elements of the synagogues have been moved back to Israel and only the shells of the buildings remain. Initially, Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz recommended the IDF raze the synagogues but rabbis in Israel and abroad protested vehemently. They argued on religious grounds as well as warning that if Israel demolished the synagogues it would serve as a precedent for the removal of ancient synagogues in foreign countries.


THIS WEEK 9.9.05

Brig. Gen. (res.) Shalom Harari: 'The Killing OF Moussa Arafat In Gaza Strip Shows Palestinian Leader Abbas Is So Weak That No Agreement With Him Is Worth Paper It's Written On'

'Current Chaos in Gaza And West Bank Means That Annual $3 Billion Foreign Aid Will Drown In Sea Of Gaza'

Jordan's King Abdullah: 'Al Qaeda Has Probably Established Cells In Israel As It Has Elsewhere'

Latest Polls Indicate That Netanyahu-Lead Likud Will Lose Next Election

What are the implications of the brutal killing of Moussa Arafat in the Gaza Strip? What does it reveal about the leadership of Mahmoud Abbas? Jordan's King Abdullah praises Ariel Sharon for implementing the disengagement while warning that al Qaeda may also be active in Israel. In the Likud leadership race, challenger Bibi Netanyahu is facing some tough decisions this weekend in the wake of latest public opinion polls.



A revolutionary method of using concentrated solar energy for producing hydrogen in a clean, safe and inexpensive way was developed by a cooperation of scientists from Israel, Sweden, Switzerland and France. This new method, based on the production of pure zinc, may enable an easier and quicker move to a hydrogen-based economy thus reducing the need for the depleting petroleum and its polluting side effects.



Deputy Premier Peres: 'Gaza Strip Is Baby Of Palestinian Leader Abbas'

'Terror Execution Of Moussa Arafat Indicates Abbas Is Not In Control'

IDF Chief Of Staff Halutz: 'If Palestinians Again Shell Israeli Civilians, We Must Show Them We Also Have Mortars'

In the Gaza Strip, Palestinian gunmen have again gone on the rampage. In a pre-dawn they stormed the home of Moussa Arafat and after a thirty minute gun-battle, dragged him into the street and shot him to death. Moussa Arafat, currently an advisor to Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas was one of the most unpopular officials in the Gaza Strip notorious for corruption and torturing other Palestinians in the past. In another incident, Palestinian rioters tried to storm an Israeli tank as the IDF prepares to withdraw after the settlements have already been evacuated.



Two Israeli Newspaper Polls Indicate Sharon Is Catching Up To Netanyahu In Likud Race

Most Likudniks Favor Sharon's Position Opposing Netanyahu's Demand For Early Primaries In November

Netanyahu Now Expected To Veer From Far Right To Center To Gain Popular Support

Just one week after challenging Prime Minister Ariel Sharon for party leadership, former Finance Minister Binyamin Netanyahu is forced to change his campaign strategy.


THIS WEEK 4.9.05

Prime Minister Sharon: 'U.S. Has Always Stood By Israel, Israel Will Do Possible To Help U.S. Cope With Katrina Disaster'

Rescue Effort Underway To Prevent Likud From Committing Political Hara-kiri

IDF Chief Of Staff Warns of 'New Rules' If Palestinians Launch Intifada #3

Israel has reacted swiftly to the Katrina hurricane disaster in the U.S. Speaking at the weekly cabinet session, Prime Minister Sharon announced that an Israeli team will soon be flying to the U.S. to ascertain how the Jewish state can best help. In domestic politics, a new effort is underway in the Likud to cool off the feud raging between Arik Sharon and former Finance Minister that is threatening to tear the party asunder. In the Palestinian arena, new terror alerts from the West Bank have prompted IDF Chief Of Staff Dan Halutz to sound a sharp warning.



Zalman Shoval: 'Israel Wishes To Improve Relations With Pakistan But Jerusalem's Strong Relations With India Must Take Priority'

'Israeli Building Inside Settlement Blocs In Judea & Samaria Should Not Be Source Of Tension With U.S.'

'Sharon-Netanyahu Split In Likud Could Lead To Negative Forces Taking Control With Their Line'

What's behind the dramatic meeting between Israel's Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom and his Pakistani counter-part Kharshid Kasuri in Istanbul? Is Likud candidate Bibi Netanyahu defying U.S. President George W. Bush by announcing that, if elected Prime Minister, he will build housing to link Maale Adumim with Jerusalem? And what impact might a Likud split between incumbent Arik Sharon and challenger Netanyahu have on the next Israeli election? These are some of the key issues discussed by Zalman Shoval, a former Israeli Ambassador to Washington in an interview with IsraCast.



Dr. Ahmed Subuh: 'Contacts Are Underway For Abbas - Sharon Summit Before U.N. General Assembly'

'Israel Should Disarm Settlers In Territories & Palestinian Authority Will Disarm Hamas'

'To Dismantle Terroristic Activities We need More Than Security Measures, We Need Political Hope'

What happens now, after Israel's unilateral withdrawal from the Gaza Strip and four West Bank settlements? How do the Palestinians view the new emerging situation? Dr. Ahmed Subuh is the deputy Minister of Information in the Palestinian Authority and in this interview with David Essing he discusses the burning issues in the post disengagement period and in the run-up to the Roadmap negotiations.


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