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IsraCast Archive | November-December 2008

Humanitarian Aid Transferred to the Gaza Strip

The largest humanitarian aid transfer to the Gaza Strip since the beginning of Operation Cast Lead took place on Tuesday afternoon (Dec. 30). 93 trucks containing humanitarian donations such as food and medical supplies from several different countries and international organizations.


Taking Off Gaza Gloves

Israel Will Use All Necessary Military Force To Suppress Rocketing From Gaza Of Israeli Civilians

Within Twenty-four Hours, Israeli Aircraft Strike Over 200 Terror Targets in Gaza

Israel Will Consider Attacks From Gaza In Same Manner It Relates To Similar Provocations From Any Neighboring Arab State

An Israeli official says Israel will now relate with same force to attacks from Gaza as it would from any other neighboring Arab state which provoked Israel. This implies that Israel will use all military force necessary to defend its civilians, without making any distinction between political and military wings and various terror groups. The IsraCast assessment is that Israel will attempt to break the Hamas motivation to rocket Israel and the terrorists' belief that violence and not negotiation will further its goals.


Storm Clouds Over Gaza

Prime Minister Olmert: "This may be the last minute for Palestinians in Gaza to halt the rocketing of Israeli civilians"

Hamas replies immediately with another barrage of 30 Qassam rockets and mortars

Countdown may have began for major IDF operation after winter storm passes over the area

Appeals by Israeli leaders, from Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and even Egypt have apparently gone unheeded by the Hamas leadership of the Gaza Strip. The Palestinian terrorists who govern Gaza have continued to fire scores of Qassam rockets and mortars at Israeli civilians in the towns and villages just over the border. It has been a time of terrorizing the Israeli children, women, and men who live in the area, many of whom have fled their homes. Unless there is some dramatic halt to the terrorism by Hamas it will only be a matter of time and the weather, before Israel finally launches a counter-terror operation to suppress the attacks.


Reversing Brain Birth Defects Through Stem Cell Therapy

Scientists at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem have succeeded in reversing brain birth defects in animal models, using stem cells to replace defective brain cells. The work of Prof. Joseph Yanai and his associates at the Hebrew University-Hadassah Medical School was presented at the Tel Aviv Stem Cells Conference last spring and is expected to be presented and published nest year at the seventh annual meeting of the International Society for Stem Cell Research in Barcelona, Spain.


Quiet For Quiet With Gaza

Defense Minister Barak : 'If Palestinians Keep The Quiet In Gaza, So Will We - If They Break It, We Will Act'

'IDF Has Used Truce To Strengthen Its Capability Of Hitting Hamas Targets, If Need Be'

Palestinians Launch Fresh Attacks Shortly After Hamas Officially Ends Truce

Hamas has announced that its 'tahadiya' truce with Israel ended officially on Friday morning, six months after it began. A short time after the deadline, Palestinian terrorists launched fresh attacks on Israeli civilians just over the border. Israel and the Palestinians have entered a new juncture with both sides having to decide what happens now. IsraCast examines several possibilities that could lead either to an extended lull or a dangerous escalation.


Iran - A Genocide Foretold

Prof. Irwin Cotler: "Iran Has Already Started Down Path Of Genocide With Its Genocidal Incitement Against Israel Combined With Its Nuclear Weapons Development"

"State Parties Who Signed Genocide Convention Are Obligated To Act To Prevent Iran From Acquiring Nuclear Weapons"

"Those Experts & Advisors Who Talk Of Living With Iranian Nuclear Weapons Ignore Genocidal Aspect Of Iran's Regime"

'A genocide foretold' - that is how Prof. Irwin Cotler, a former Minister of Justice in Canada and a Member of Parliament, has described Iran's genocidal incitement against Israel when linked to Teheran's nuclear weapons development. At a Bar Ilan University Conference in the Mishkenot Shaananem Center in Jerusalem, Prof. Cotler presented a petition calling on the state parties to the Genocide Convention to honor their international obligation to prevent Iran from continuing on its path of genocide against the Jewish state. In a subsequent interview with IsraCast Prof. Cotler, an expert on international law, told David Essing that he believed Iran could still be stopped from acquiring the bomb.


Martti Ahtisaari on Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

The former Finnish president, 2008 Nobel Peace Prize laureate, called U.S. President-elect Barack Obama to focus in the first year of his presidency on solving the Middle East conflict. Ahtisaari spoke Wednesday in Oslo, Norway as he received the 2008 prize for decades of global peace-making efforts.


Project Better Place Plugs First Charge Spot to Electric Car

Israel is an ideal early adopter of the Better Place model

The country is geographically small, with all major urban centers less than 150 kilometers apart

Better Place Israel, which is deploying the world’s first nationwide network for charging electric vehicles, demonstrated for the first time its charging spot plugged in and charging an electric car in Israel. The company unveiled its first plugged in parking lots as well as the charging spot design that will be used in deployments around the world.


Likud Leans Farther To Right

Likud Leader Netanyahu: "The Likud Party Has Selected Best Team To Lead Next Israeli Government"

Likud Rival Feiglin: "I Am Real Likud & Will Bring Voters From Far Right Back To Likud"

Kadima's Hanegbi: "Netanyahu's Dream Team Is A Nightmare For Likud Leader"

The selection of a new Likud Knesset list has aroused speculation in Israel about its impact on the upcoming February 10th election. IsraCast assesses the current situation quoting Netanyahu sources who believe that security will drive this election campaign.


20 Percent Of Spanish Men Have Jewish Ancestry

New genetic research indicates that 20% of Spanish and Portuguese men have Sephardic Jewish ancestry and 11 percent have Arab or Berber ancestors. The genetic signatures of people in the Iberian Peninsula provide new evidence that the number of Jews forced to convert to Christianity during Catholic rule  in the 15th and 16th centuries was much greater than Historians believed.


Hebron, Gaza and Israeli Primaries

Wall-To-Wall Israeli Condemnation of Settler Violence against Palestinians in Hebron

Hebron Clash & Surge In Gaza Rocketing Propel Defense Minister Barak Into Limelight

Settlers Accuse Defense Minister Of Exploiting Hebron Crisis for election purposes

The Israeli election primaries moved into high gear amid escalating settler violence in Hebron and Palestinian rocketing from Gaza. This sudden shift, above and beyond its security implications, may provide Labor party leader Ehud Barak with a 'make or break' opportunity in his role as defense minister. IsraCast assesses the evolving situation against the backdrop of Hebron and Gaza - further reports will also analyze the Likud and Kadima strategies for the February 10th election.


Operation Abraham - Jerusalem AIDS Project.

Operation Abraham is a consortium of institutions committed to the training of local doctors in Africa in the surgical procedures of male circumcision as a method of HIV/AIDS prevention.


Mumbai - Islamist Terrorism - Iranian Bomb!

Analyst Menashe Amir: "Mindset Of Iran's Leaders Is Similar To Islamist Terrorists In Mumbai"

"Mumbai Atrocities Highlight Need To Block Iranian Nuclear Weapons From Reaching Other Ruthless Terrorists"

"President Elect Barack Obama Should Set Time-limit For Any Nuclear Negotiations With Iran"

How high will the death-toll rise in Mumbai and what are the implications of these horrific terror attacks? One thing appears certain, Islamist fanatics have again sown death and destruction highlighting once more the need to block Iran, an Islamic terror state, from acquiring nuclear weapons. In an interview with IsraCast, analyst Menashe Amir says there are several conclusions that should now be drawn immediately from the Mumbai atrocities.


Peace Ad Banned Over Israeli Flag

Al-Arab Al-Yawm, an Arabic-language Jordanian daily newspaper, refused to publish a Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) ad promoting the Saudi peace initiative because it shows the Israeli flag. Israel and Jordan signed a peace treaty in 1994.


Barak On Striking Iran's Nuclear Capability

Defense Minister Ehud Barak Indicates Israel Should Attack Iran Only To Prevent 'Concrete Nuclear Capability' - Israel Was Keeping All Options Open

'Hezbollah Has Acquired 42,000 Rockets - Some Of Them Can Hit Dimona & Beersheva In Southern Israel'

'If Possible, Israel Ready To Resume Cease- fire With Hamas In Gaza'

When should Israel attack Iran's nuclear weapons facilities? IsraCast reports that Barak indicated where he stood when he briefed the Knesset Foreign Affairs & Defense Committee in Jerusalem. On the burning issue of the shattered cease-fire with Hamas in Gaza, Barak stated that Israel would be ready to resume the truce, if possible.


Israel, Obama, & Iranian Bomb

Israeli observers: "President Obama could seek a package deal on Russia and Iran"

"Israeli-Palestinian conflict not likely to be top priority during Obama's first term"

"If elected, Bibi Netanyahu will try to work closely with Obama despite some hard-line positions taken by Likud members"

How will President-elect Barack Obama deal with the Iranian nuclear threat, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and other Middle-East issues after he enters the White House on January 20th? Israeli officials and observers are considering the change of guard not only in Washington but also in Jerusalem, where latest polls indicate that the Likud's Bibi Netanyahu is gradually increasing his lead over Kadima's Tzipi Livni.


Auschwitz Plans Found in Berlin

The German newspaper Bild states that everyone involved in the operation of the Auschwitz extermination camp were fully aware that it was intended for the systematic extermination of people, this according to the architectural plans of the Auschwitz which were recently found in Berlin, Germany.


Tissue Engineering Will Prevent Bypass Surgeries

A new Israeli technology makes use of genetic engineering to allow the body to produce new blood vessels that can bypass obstructed arteries. A study conducted at Carmel Medical Center suggests that use of tissue engineering will result in an international breakthrough in the field of blood vessel bypasses - a development that may prevent the performance of bypass surgeries in situations of obstructed arteries.


Hamas Rocketing V.S Peres Peace Offer

Hamas: 'We Have Launched Five Grad Rockets At Israeli Town Of Ashqelon & More Qassams At Sderot' - Number Of Israeli Civilians Injured

IDF Goes On Heightened Alert As Sderot's Mayor - Elect David Bouskila Calls On Defense Minister Ehud Barak To Unleash IDF Against Hamas

At UN, President Shimon Peres: 'Israel Accepts Saudi Initiative For Peace & Security In Middle East'

At the UN, Israel's President Shimon told the King of Saudi Arabia Abdullah Al Aziz that Israel accepted his initiative for peace and security between the Arab world and Israel. Peres agreed with the Saudi leader that " there is no military solution to the Arab - Israeli conflict ". However, Palestinians in the Hamas controlled Gaza Strip apparently they have their own solution - they escalated their rocketing of Israel, injuring some civilians and terrifying thousands more in the western Negev area.


Peres to Participate in Interfaith Conference

President Shimon Peres and Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni will represent Israel at a United Nations-sponsored interfaith conference. The "Dialogue of Civilizations" conference grew from the Madrid Interfaith Conference in July, initiated by Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah.


Crystal Night (Kristallnacht)

Crystal Night, or the Night of Broken Glass, was a pogrom in Nazi Germany on November 9–10, 1938. On a single night, 92 Jews were murdered and 25,000–30,000 were arrested and deported to concentration camps.


Revelations About Plastic Surgery

Dr. Bianca Rosenberg-Hagen: 'Too Many Face-lifts Can Turn Woman Into Plastic Surgery Cripple! Only Once Or Twice In A Lifetime'

'Sometimes Plastic Surgery To Make People Happy Is Like Saving Their Life - But Some Surgeons Overdo It'

'Israeli Plastic Surgery Enjoys High International Standard'

How many face-lifts should a woman have in her lifetime? How early should a face-lift be conducted? These are just some of the questions discussed by Dr. Bianca Rosenberg-Hagen, a leading Israeli plastic surgeon in a frank and wide ranging interview with IsraCast. Dr. Rosenberg-Hagen, who specialized in plastic-surgery at the Montefiore-Einstein Medical Center in New York, also has timely advice for both men and women, including those with breast cancer.  


Meridor Backs Bibi

Dan Meridor: 'I Am Returning To Active Politics In the Likud & Supporting Mr. Netanyahu For Prime Minister'

'Kadima's Failures In Second Lebanon War & Attack On Rule Of Law Disqualify It From Continuing In Office'

Yuval Rabin: 'I Don't Rule Out My Supporting Netanyahu'

Likud leader Bibi Netanyahu, who is leading the polls for the February 10th election, has received the active support of Dan Meridor who clashed bitterly with Netanyahu in a former government. At a news conference, Meridor declared that despite their past differences Netanyahu was the best candidate to become Israel's next prime minister. In another surprise move, Yuval Rabin the son of the assassinated Prime Minister Yitzak Rabin of Labor, has said that he did not rule out voting for Netanyahu.


Livni vs. Obama

Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni: 'American Nuclear Dialogue With Iran At This Time May Send Message Of Weakness To Tehran & Arab World'

'It's Possible Israel & U.S Will Disagree On How To Prevent Iran From Acquiring Nuclear Weapons'

IsraCast: 'One Of Barack Obama's First Steps Should Be To Call For Urgent Halt To Genocide In Darfur, Sudan'

During the American presidential campaign, Israeli political figures were careful not to make any comment that might be seen as favoring either Barack Obama or John McCain. But now, Israeli officials are again voicing their positions on Middle East issues. This trend will likely continue as Israel's own election campaign gets under way.


Israeli-Obama Iranian Differences

Former Ambassador Shoval: 'Israel and US may be on a collision course over military strike on Iran's nuclear facilities'

'Deployment of US radar missile system in Israel may be attempt to tie Israel's hands or help defend the country in wake of joint operation against Iran'

Even Dr. El-Baradei, the head of the International Atomic Energy Agency, and the American intelligence community are now convinced that Iran is definitely developing nuclear weapons. Israel estimates the Iranians are only a year or two from passing the point of no return and reportedly requested an American green light to strike Iranian nuclear sites. But President Bush said no and has now supplied Israel with a radar system for to detecting Iranian missiles. Meanwhile, Russia has again blocked stiffer sanctions against Tehran. In a wide-ranging interview with IsraCast, Zalman Shoval, a former Israeli ambassador to Washington, assesses various aspects of the looming threat, after Iranian President Ahmadinejad tells clapping members of the U.N. General assembly about Israel's imminent destruction.


The Balfour Declaration

During the First World War, British policy became gradually committed to the idea of establishing a Jewish home in Palestine (Eretz Yisrael). After discussions in the British Cabinet, and consultation with Zionist leaders, the decision was made known in the form of a letter by Lord Arthur James Balfour to Lord Rothschild. The letter represents the first political recognition of Zionist aims by a Great Power.


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IsraCast Archive | November-December 2008

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