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IsraCast Archive | September-October 2008

Elections - U.S & Israel

Dr. Martin Indyk: 'Barack Obama identifies with Israel's struggle for survival - support for Jewish state is strong in both Democratic and Republican parties'

IsraCast: 'Netanyahu victory in upcoming Israeli election may not a foregone conclusion'

'Although security may be key issue, Netanyahu could be vulnerable if global economic crisis also batters Israel'

This weekend, the U.S presidential election campaign draws to a close while Israel's gets on their way. In both campaigns, Israel's future will be intertwined in more ways than one. IsraCast looks at the American ballot on November 4th and Israel's poll is now set for February 10th.


Syria's Double Game Backfires

Defense Minister Ehud Barak: 'U.S commando strike inside Syria is part of global war against terrorism but no special implications for Israel'

Israeli sources: 'Syrian president Bashar Assad is playing double game on several fronts which have backfired'

IsraCast: 'could u.s. also be warning Iran to halt its infiltration of terrorists into Iraq?'

The American commando raid against the Al-Qaeda operation inside Syria is apparently a clear signal that the Bush administration is fed-up with Syria's collusion in infiltrating terrorists into Iraq where they have been killing and wounding U.S and Iraqi soldiers. But Iraq is only of several fronts on which Syrian President Bashar Assad has been playing a double game. IsraCast also raises the question if the U.S. operation is a stern warning to Iran.


Iran ponders preempting Israel

Menashe Amir: 'Iran recently considered preemptive strike on Israel but backed off'

'Iran hopes and prays barrack Obama will win US presidential election'

'Global economic crisis will not impact on Iran's nuclear program'

A well informed Iranian Dr. Seyed G. Safavi has disclosed that Iranian leaders recently considered a preemptive attack with conventional weapons on Israel. The report was first carried by the Israeli daily HaAretz. Menashe Amir, an Israeli analyst of Iranian affairs, has said Tehran considered such an attack before it acquired nuclear weapons but decided against. In an interview with IsraCast Menashe Amir also said Tehran is banking on a victory by Barack Obama in the U.S presidential election.


Israel's Coalition Poker

Labor Sources: 'Ehud Barak Toppled Prime Minister Olmert For Tzipi Livni And Now Barak Wants A Labor Imprint On New Coalition'

President Shimon Peres Starts Consultation With Knesset Parties After Ehud Olmert Officially Tendered His Resignation

IsraCast Assessment: Neither Livni Nor Barak Would Gain From Early Election Which Would Likely Be Won By Likud's Bibi Netanyahu

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has officially resigned and President Shimon Peres has begun consultations with political parties on appointing a candidate to try and form a new government coalition. IsraCast is on the view that potential coalition partners are now playing a game of political poker trying to maximize their roles in a new government.


New Coalition Or Early Election?

Tzipi Livni: 'I will try to form a new coalition as quickly as possible'

Barak source: 'Labor should not enter a Livni coalition but opt for an early election'

Shas: 'No negotiations on Jerusalem and bigger child allowances, otherwise we will not join a Livni coalition'

Tzipi Livni has barely won the leadership race in Israel's ruling Kadima party weakening her chances of swiftly forming a new coalition government to replace the current cabinet headed by Prime Minister Ehud Olmert. Her potential partners Labor and Shas are talking tough. IsraCast forecasts that although this may be political posturing before the coalition negotiations, Livni may face a difficult task in forming a new coalition government.


Iranian Bomb 2010

IDF Intelligence: 'Our Worse Case Scenario Is That Iran May Acquire The Bomb In Early 2010!'

Prime Minister Olmert: 'Possible To Reach Written Understandings With Palestinians By End Of 2008'

'Israel Will Not Agree To Return Of Palestinian Refugees – They Must Be Resettled In Palestinian State'

In what might be one of his last briefings to the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense committee - outgoing Prime Minister Ehud Olmert summed-up Israel's strategic situation. His briefing came against the background of his Kadima party's leadership primaries on September 17th, to select a new party leader. IsraCast reports that at  the closed door briefing, a senior IDF intelligence officer warned that if all goes well for Iran, it could acquire nuclear weapons by early 2010.


U.N. Ambassador Shalev Attacks Iran

Israel's new U.N. ambassador, Gabriela Shalev, said that it is absurd that Iran preaches morality to Israel

Ambassador Shalev responded to an Iranian protest against so-called "dangerous statements" from its lawmakers, saying it was absurd for a country whose president repeatedly calls for the destruction of the Jewish state to preach morality.


Russia Supplies Weapons To Hezbollah

U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney says that Russia is selling advanced weapons to the regimes in Syria and Iran knowing well that some of the Russian weapons are being channeled to terrorist fighters in Lebanon and Iraq. Cheney states that Russian arms-dealing endangers the possibility for peace and freedom in the Middle East.


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IsraCast Archive | September-October 2008

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