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IsraCast Archive | November-December 2009

Iran - Atomic Bomb Or Revolution?

Defense Minister Barak: 'In Ran, Current Rioting Has Not Yet Reached Breaking Point With Regime But It Has Potential For Escalating Swiftly'

'Secret Nuclear Weapons Facility Near Qom Is Immune To Normal Bombing'

'Painful Failing Of Free World To Show Sufficient Support For Iranian Dissidents Against Regime'

 Israel's Defense Minister Ehud Barak has criticized the Free World for not lending sufficient support for Iranian dissidents in their confrontation with their country's dictatorial regime. In a closed door briefing to the Knesset Foreign Affairs & Defense Committee, Barak assessed current developments against the Iranian government's drive to acquire nuclear weapons and Analyst David Essing says these issues are intertwined from Israel's perspective. The Defense Minister also sized up other threats to the Jewish state such as failing to reach an agreement on separation from the West Bank Palestinians.


Terrorism In Palestinian-Israeli Conflict

IDF & Shabak Track Down & Kill Three Palestinian Terrorists Who Shot Dead Israeli Settler In Drive-by Shooting On West Bank

Shabak Security Chief Diskin: 'Today There Are Two Palestinian Peoples - One In Judea & Samaria (West Bank), The Other In Gaza!'

'Hard Core Of Several Dozen Jewish Terrorists Could Attack Israel's Political Leaders If Government Decides To Evacuate Settlements'

 It took Israeli security forces just over twenty-four hours to track down and kill three Palestinian terrorists who murdered Israeli settler Meir Avshalom Hai on the West Bank Thursday night. Acting on intelligence from the Shabak Secret Service, two IDF units located the terrorists holed up in three separate buildings in the town of Nablus. They were called upon to surrender and when they refused, the soldiers stormed the buildings. One of the three, was discovered in a secret hiding place with two M-16 automatic rifles and ammunition. Analyst David Essing assesses the latest developments that come against the backdrop of the Gilad Shalit prisoner exchange for hundreds of Palestinian terrorists and some rare comments made by Shabak chief Yuval Diskin.


Iran's Smoking Gun Nears Mushroom Cloud!

Israel Expects U.S. President Obama Will Now Call On UN Security Council To Impose Stiffer Sanctions On Iran After Disclosure That Iran Has Been Working On Nuclear Trigger Since 2007

Knesset Member Hanegbi: 'Sanctions Should Bar Iranian aircraft From Landing Anywhere In The World & Boycott On Iran's Oil Exports & Gasoline Imports'

Latest Opinion Poll Gives Prime Minister Netanyahu & Defense Minister Barak High Performance Ratings

 After months of fruitless dialogue, this week's expose by the London Times about an Iranian nuclear 'trigger' and the launching of a new long range Iranian missile capable of delivering a nuclear warhead indicated that Iran may be closer to developing a nuclear weapon than previously suspected. Analyst David Essing assesses these latest developments from the Israeli perspective and what Israelis think about U.S. President Barack Obama and their own country's leadership at this crucial time.


Iran Passes Nuclear Weapons Threshold

IDF Intelligence: 'Iran Now Has Sufficient Enriched Uranium For Producing At Least One Atomic Bomb, If She Decides To Do So!'

U.S. President Barack Obama Declares There Are Just Wars Against Forces Of Evil - Impossible To Negotiate With Muslim Fanatics Like al-Qaida

IDF's 'Cast Lead' Operation Into Gaza Has Drastically Reduced Palestinian Rocketing Of Israeli Towns & Villages During Past Year

This week, Israel officially revealed that Iran now has sufficient enriched uranium for proceeding with the production of at least one atomic bomb. The disclosure came from Brig.Gen. Yossi Bidatz, the commander of the research department in the IDF Intelligence Branch. However, the intelligence officer told the Knesset Foreign affairs & Defense Committee there is still no evidence the Iranian regime has defied the international community and taken the decision to go nuclear. At the same time, the Iranians have developed missiles capable of delivering a nuclear warhead. Also addressing the closed door hearing, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu stated: ' Israel's paramount security concern is to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons'. Analyst David Essing assesses some of the key issues in Israel over the past seven days.


Settlers Rebel Against Netanyahu's 'Suspension'

West Bank Settlers' Leader: 'We Will Continue Settlement Building & Escalate Civil Rebellion!'

Confrontation May Prove To Be Test Case On On Settlement Issue For Israeli Public

'Clash of Civilizations' Reaches Switzerland & Saudi Arabia

Israeli settlers in Judea & Samaria (West Bank) are defying the Israeli government's ten month housing freeze. In several incidents, the residents have prevented housing inspectors from entering their communities to serve the building freeze orders. Meanwhile, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has tried to allay the settlers' fury by stressing that Israeli construction will be resumed after the ten month 'suspension' and that 3,000 current housing units will be completed. IsraCast assessment: Israel is now bracing for a showdown between settlers and their former champion, right-wing Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu. In other developments this week, are there new manifestations of the 'clash of civilizations' in Europe and even in the Middle East?


Netanyahu's Constructive Ambiguity

While Obama Administration Applauds Prime Minister Netanyahu's Ten- month Housing Freeze On West Bank, Palestinians Reject It

Israeli Leader's 'Constructive Ambiguity' Designed To Placate U.S. While Urging Palestinians To Return To Peace Talks

Although Blasted By Settlers For Capitulating To U.S., Netanyahu Enjoys Cabinet Support

In a dramatic diplomatic development, Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has announced a ten-month suspension of housing permits for building in West Bank settlements. At the same time, Netanyahu made clear that housing construction would continue in Jerusalem's suburbs such as Gilo, which were constructed beyond the 1967 line after the Six Day War of 1967. In the existing West Bank settlements, public buildings such as schools, kindergartens and synagogues will continue as well as the completing of 3,000 housing units now underway. Analyst David Essing is of the view that Netanyahu's ambiguous approach on settlement construction may prove to impact as much on Israel's confrontation with Iran as it does on the Palestinians.


Peres, Gilo, Israeli Pilots & Iran

President Peres: 'No Doubt Gilo Falls Under Israeli Sovereignty ... There Have Always Been Differences Between U.S. & Israel Over Jerusalem, But Israel Has Always Continued Peace talks With Palestinians'

Yisrael Hayom: 'Israeli Fighter Pilots To Undergo Refresher Course To Cope With Mental Stress Of Attacking Long Distance Targets'

IsraCast Assessment: Possible Shalit Prisoner Exchange With Palestinians & Israeli Feelers Could Allay Current Flap over Jerusalem While Iranian Nuclear Clock Keeps Ticking Down

At week's end, speculation again swirled around the possibility that a German mediator may be closing a long awaited prisoner exchange between Israel and Hamas - captured IDF soldier Gilad Shalit in return for hundreds of Palestinian terrorists. Meanwhile, the Israeli decision to build 900 housing units in the Jerusalem neighborhood Gilo, after Prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu agreed to U.S. President Barack Obama's demand for a settlement freeze on the West Bank, is a new source of friction. But while these events were dominating the headlines, Iran for the umpteenth time, declared it would not concede on enriching uranium. Obama warned of 'consequences'. Meanwhile it was reported that while Israeli pilots were to undergo a refresher course to cope with the mental stress in attacking long range targets.


Israeli Double Bind Over Iranian Nuclear Threat

Al-Hayat Newspaper: 'Prime Minister Netanyahu Told French President Sarkozy That Israel Did Nor Rule Out Preemptive Military Strike Against Iran'

IDF Chief Of Staff Lt. Gen. Ashkenazi: 'There Is No Foolproof Missile Defense System-In Future Wars Enemy Missiles Will Fall On Israel'

IsraCast Assessment: 'If & When Israeli Decision Makers Consider Preemptive Strike On Iran, Main Consideration Will Likely Pit Possibility Of Future Iranian Nuclear Attack On Israel With Certainly Of Being Hit by Thousands Of Conventional Rockets From Iran & Terrorist Allies'

 The Iranian nuclear threat was obviously high on the agenda of US President Barack Obama and Israel's Prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu when they met in the White House this week. So far, nothing has leaked about what they discussed. However according to the respected Al-Hayat newspaper, published in London, 'informed sources' have said Netanyahu told Sarkozy that Israel did not rule out a military strike against Iran. The French leader stressed the need of pursuing with the current diplomatic effort that has failed to dissuade to halt its uranium enrichment program. Meanwhile, in the Knesset Foreign Affairs & Defense Committee, the IDF Chief Of Staff, Gen. Ashkenazi made some telling remarks that illuminate the nuclear double bind that confronts Israel at this juncture.


Chaim Weizmann (1874-1952)

Chaim Azriel Weizmann was a chemist, a Zionist leader, President of the World Zionist Organization and the first President of the State of Israel. He was elected on February 1, 1949, and served until 1952. Weizmann founded the Weizmann Institute of Science in Rehovot, Israel.


Iran & Goldstone - The Missing Links

Prime Minister Netanyahu: 'Israeli Seizure Of Illegal Iranian Arms Shipment Exposes Absurdity of Goldstone Report'

After Pro-Arab Automatic Majority In UN General Assembly, Israel Counting On US To Veto Goldstone Report In Security Council

IsraCast Assessment: Huge Iranian Arms Shipment To Hezballah & Hamas Test Launch Of Sixty Kilometer Rocket Part Of Iranian Strategy To Deter Israel

 Almost daily this week, there were dramatic developments in Israel's counter-terror campaign. At the center, what Israeli experts call the 'Iranian octopus' of terrorist activities - the Israeli seizure at sea of an innocent- looking merchant ship, the Francop, with a cargo of hundreds tons of weapons and explosives plying its course to Syria and then on to Hezballah in south Lebanon. Secondly, the Palestinians test launched a rocket with a sixty kilometer range that could hit the Tel Aviv metropolitan area of the Jewish state. This did not make any impression in the UN General Assembly. There, delegates of the 118 nations of the pro- Arab majority, took the podium to vilify the Jewish state for defending her citizens against Iranian sponsored terrorism. This time they had a new rallying point - what is viewed in Israel as the infamous Goldstone report that alleged that Israel had committed war crimes during the Cast Lead operation to halt eight years of rocketing of Israeli civilians from Gaza. IsraCast joins the dots of the big picture. 


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IsraCast Archive | November-December 2009

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