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IsraCast Archive | March-April 2009

Israelis Remember - Palestinians Reject

Israel's Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu: 'I Will Never Compromise On Israel's Security'

West Bank President Mahmoud Abbas: 'I Will Never Recognize Israel As Jewish State'

IsraCast: 'Palestinian Refusal To Recognize Israel As Jewish State Means Rejection of "Two States For Two People" Solution'

Israel has marked its 61st Remembrance Day with memorial services from Mount Hermon in the north to the port of Eilat in the south. Tens of thousands of Israelis flocked to military ceremonies in the hundreds of military cemeteries to remember the 22,570 Israeli fighters who died so that Israel might live. But shortly before the memorial services began, West Bank President Mahmoud Abbas declared in no uncertain terms that he would never even recognize Israel as a Jewish state.


Netanyahu, Obama & Jewish State

Amb. Zalman Shoval: 'George Mitchell Indicated That U.S. Shares Israel's Position That Israel Be Recognized As The Jewish State'

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu: 'Israel Is Not Making It Precondition For Palestinian Negotiations But There Will Be No Agreement Without Palestinian Recognition That Israel Is National Home Of Jewish People'

'U.S. & Israel Want Regional Coalition to Confront Radical Islamist Threat Backed By Iran'

The Israeli-Palestinian peace track will now move to Washington, after American peace envoy concluded his second round of talks with Israeli and Palestinian leaders. It was the first time that Mitchell met with Israel's new Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman. The meetings came against the backdrop of the Egyptian uncovering of an Iranian Hezbollah terrorist ring operating Egypt that highlighted the clash between Shiite Iran and the Sunni Arab states. In an interview with Isracast, Zalman Shoval, a former Israeli ambassador to Washington and adviser to Prime minister Netanyahu assessed the outcome of the Mitchell visit.


Ahmadinejad's Realpolitik vs. Obama's Detente

MK Tzachi Hanegbi: 'Uncovering Of Secret Hezbollah Terror Ring In Egypt Is Severe Blow To Hezbollah Leader Nasrallah & Iran'

'Iran Plotting To Topple Regimes In Egypt, Saudi Arabia & Other Arab States'

IsraCast: 'Incident Highlight Clash Between Ahmadinejad's Realpolitik And Obama's Detente'

The uncovering of a Hezbollah terror network operating inside Egypt has exposed Iran's subversive activities inside Arab states - that's the reaction not only in Israel but also in Egypt. Government officials in Cairo were furious with Hezbollah leader Sheik Hassan Nasrallah and Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. It is becoming evident that Ahmadinejad's policy of Realpolitik aimed at Iranian hegemony over the Islamic world will clash with U.S. President Barack Obama's approach of detente.


Tel Aviv-Yafo celebrates 100 years

As the city of Tel Aviv-Yafo prepares to mark its 100th anniversary in early April 2009, a wide array of events are being planned for the centennial celebrations, including outdoor festivals, art shows, sporting events, historic exhibitions and numerous community projects, among others. Celebrations will kick-off in early April, marking the date of the city's founding 100 years ago, and continue through 2009.


Netanyahu Slams Brakes on Annapolis

Prime Minister Netanyahu: "If the Palestinians truly want peace it can be achieved but they must fight terrorism"

"Previous peace efforts have failed because of this and lack of Palestinian economic component"

"Iranian leader will not be permitted to place question mark over Israel's existence"

In his inaugural speech to the Knesset, Israel's Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has presented his coalition guidelines. The leader of the right-wing Likud party set several conditions for a viable Palestinian peace process. IsraCast analyzes the Prime Minister's address and its significance.


Nano Israel 2009

NanoIsrael 2009 is a unique event, bringing together a diverse group of elite dynamic speakers and participants. The central showcase for Israel’s excellence in the interdisciplinary world of nanotechnology, NanoIsrael 2009 will bring together industry, academia, investors, non-governmental organizations and government representatives to focus on current research, commercial endeavours and future opportunities in nanotechnology.


Iran's Nuclear Breakout

IsraCast: Will US or Israel know when Iran decides to 'break out' and start producing weapons grade enriched uranium?

General Amos Yadlin: "Iran is now capable of producing nuclear weapon within a number of months to a year"

"Right combination of dialogue and sanctions can still force Iran to halt nuclear weapons development"

General Amos Yadlin, the chief of IDF intelligence, has revealed that Iran not only has the capability to produce weapons grade uranium but also a delivery system and the technology for constructing a nuclear bomb. The intelligence chief presented the latest Israeli assessment in a closed-door briefing to the Knesset foreign affairs and defense committee.


Barak Bulldozes Labor

Barak sways labor into Netanyahu coalition

Labor conference agrees to put 'country before party' by vote of 680-507

Former rivals Netanyahu and Barak now united in confronting Iran, Palestinians and sliding economy

How and why has Labor Party leader Ehud Barak succeeded in swaying his left wing party into joining the right wing coalition of Bibi Netanyahu? IsraCast examines some of the implications after the dramatic vote by the Labor Party conference and why many Israelis may now sleep sleep a little better.


Israeli Army Investigates 'Atrocity' Rumors

Chief Of Staff Gabi Ashkenazi: "If any Israeli soldiers deliberately harmed Palestinian civilians they will be prosecuted"

"I do not believe soldiers of IDF harmed civilians in cold blood"

Hamas prisoners in Israeli jails consider how to break the deadlock between Hamas and Israel over release of Gilad Shalit

IDF Chief of Staff Gabi Ashkenazi has reacted to recent reports that some IDF soldiers deliberately harmed Palestinian civilians during January's "Cast Lead" operation in the Gaza Strip. While visiting an IDF enlistment base, General Ashkenazi said if an investigation uncovered any wrongdoing those soldiers involved would be prosecuted. In another development, senior Hamas members being held in Israeli prisons have met to consider how to break the deadlock between Hamas and Israel over a prisoner exchange for captured Israeli soldier Gilad Shavit.


Barak Joins Netanyahu

Ehud Barak: "We must put country before party by joying Netanyahu cabinet"

Barak opponents vowed to resist move that is expected to be decided by Labour Party conference

In a startling switch of events, Labor Party leader Ehud Barak has accepted an offer by Prime Minister designate Binyamin Netanyahu to join his Likud led coalition. In fact, Netanyahu and Barak have already worked out a secret deal which has enraged Labor Party doves who oppose Netanyahu's political and economic policies. The Labour Party conference is expected to decide the issue.


West Bank Terror & Gilad Shalit

Killing Of Two Israeli Policemen Accentuates Danger In Releasing Hardened Terrorists For Gilad Shalit

Crucial Cabinet Meeting Postponed Amid Intensive Prisoner Negotiations in Cairo

Likud Starts Wrapping Up Coalition Agreements As Kadima Plays Hard To Get

In Cairo, Egyptian mediators were working around the clock with Israeli and Hamas negotiators trying to hammer out an agreement on the release of captured Israeli soldier Sgt. Gilad Shalit for hundreds of Palestinian terrorists; on the West Bank, Palestinian terrorists shot dead two unsuspecting Israeli policemen.  The deadly terror attack illustrates the dangers of setting free hundreds of hardened terrorists many of whom can be expected to strike again. On the other hand, Israel must cope with its historic pledge never to leave a soldier in captivity.


U.S. reassessment of Palestine?

Senior Israeli defense expert: "U.S. should reassess two-state solution because it won't work and everyone knows it!"

"United States of Jordan is best solution to Palestinian issue"

"Three-way land exchange between Israel, Jordan and Egypt can provide a stable solution for all"

In Jerusalem, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has reiterated the new Obama administration support for a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. However Giora Eiland, a retired Israeli general who has served as head of Israel's National Security Council has called on the Obama administration to its reassess its position. Eiland says the two-state solution is now impossible to implement because of the situation on the ground. IsraCast has previously presented a detailed account of General Eiland's thinking which may have impacted on Prime Minister designate Binyamin Netanyahu's approach to the Palestinian issue.


IDF in Gaza vs. NATO in Afghanistan

Ron Ben Yishai: "NATO employs much harsher military measures in Afghanistan than the IDF did in recent Gaza operation"

Palestinians in Gaza launched 10 rockets at Israel over Sabbath

Spanish Judge orders legal inquiry into Israeli targeted killing of notorious Hamas terrorist responsible for murdering dozens of Israelis

Over the Sabbath, Palestinians in the Gaza Strip launched 10 rockets at Israel - one of them hit an empty high school in Ashkelon causing serious damage to the building. Meanwhile in Spain, a local judge has ordered his own inquiry into Israel's targeted killing of terrorist chief Salah Shehade in Gaza who was responsible for murdering many Israeli civilians. Against this backdrop, IsraCast interviewed Ron Ben Yishai, a veteran Israeli military correspondent, who has covered military operations in many parts of the world including Iraq and Afghanistan.

Listen to interview with Ron Ben Yishai includes transcript of the interview

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IsraCast Archive | March-April 2009

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