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IsraCast Archive | September-October 2009

Stiff Sanctions On Iran Now

Menashe Amir: 'Stiff Sanctions Now On Iran Could Topple Regime -They Could Reignite Flames Of Protest Against Regime'

'Protesters Inside Iran Have Told Me Sanctions Would Be Viewed As Green Light From Free World In Their Struggle For Freedom'

'Iranian Regime Realizes That Giving In On Nuclear Weapons Will Cripple Ideological Goal Of Dominating Islamic World'

 Iran has rejected the latest proposal from the International Atomic Energy Agency for resolving the crisis over Tehran's nuclear weapons project. After a week's delay, Iran now contends the IAEA scheme is unacceptable in its present form. The offer was that Iran would send some 75% of its low grade enriched uranium to Russia and France, where it would be reprocessed into fuel rods for peaceful nuclear research (that are not suitable for nuclear weapons). What happens now? Menashe Amir, an Israeli expert on Iran who predicted that Tehran would reject the proposal, has revealed to IsraCast why the Free World should immediately impose harsh sanctions on the Iranian regime.


Israel Dismayed Over Iranian Nuclear Deal

Israeli Defense Minister Barak: 'Iranian Nuclear Deal Will Actually Grant Tehran Legitimacy To Enrich Uranium For Nuclear Weapons Project'

'All Options Must Be Kept On The Table'

Analyst Menashe Amir: 'Iranians Will Exploit IAEA Plan To Gain Time For Nuclear Weapons Development'

 Defense Minister Ehud Barak has warned that the nuclear arrangement brokered by the International Atomic Energy Agency in Vienna, designed to halt Iran's nuclear weapons development, will in fact lend legitimacy to Iran's continued enrichment of uranium for its development of nuclear weapons. Israel favored all options being kept on the table and the imposing of stiffer sanctions immediately. Barak has left no doubt that Israel views the Iranian deal as doomed to failure. Iran originally raised the idea of sending most of its declared 1,500 kilograms of low-grade uranium to Russia and France for further enrichment that would be returned for Iran's 'civilian' use. Menashe Amir, an Israeli analyst on Iran told IsraCast that on the basis of Iran's track record, Tehran will exploit the deal to continue its nuclear weapons plan.


Israel Gears Up For Goldstone

Israel Likely To Consider Independent Inquiry Into Goldstone Allegations After Hostile UN Vote

Israel's Counter-terror Operation To Halt Eight Years Of Palestinian Rocketing From Gaza 'Investigated' By Human Rights While Similar Wars In Iraq, Afghanistan & Chechnya Are Ignored As Is China's Brutal Conquest Of Tibet

IsraCast Proposal: 'Israel Should Initiate International Move To Draft New Convention On Conduct Of Counter- terror Warfare Which'

 Israel's Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and his cabinet are now considering how to react to the decision by the UN Human Rights Council to adopt the Goldstone Report that accuses the israel Defense Forces of alleged war crimes during its 'Cast-Lead' operation into Gaza to halt eight years of Palestinian rocketing. IsraCast Assessment: Israel likely to consider independent inquiry in order to cope with what appears to be an escalated diplomatic war against the Jewish state by the pro- Arab bloc at the UN.


Israeli scientist Ada Yonath Wins Nobel Prize

Prof. Ada Yonath of the Weizmann Institute of Science, a leading researcher in the structural biology field, was awarded a Nobel Prize in chemistry.


Att: Judge Goldstone on IDF & Gaza Report!

British Army Colonel Richard Kemp: 'Israel Defense Forces Did More To Safeguard Rights Of Civilians (Palestinian) In A Combat Zone (Gaza) Than Any Other Army In History Of Warfare'

'IDF Did More To Safeguard Civilians In Gaza Than U.S. & British Forces Have Done In Iraq & Afghanistan'

'In Gaza, Hamas Forced Palestinian Women & Children To Ignore IDF Warnings To Leave Areas About To Be Attacked: Hamas Also Trained & Equipped Palestinian Women & Children For Military Roles'

 British Army Colonel (ret) Richard Kemp knows a thing or two about fighting a guerrilla war; Kemp has served as commander of the British contingent to the NATO force now fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan. In a lecture to the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs on June 18th, Colonel Kemp compared the conduct of the IDF during the Cast Lead Operation in Gaza with that of the British and American forces in Iraq and Afghanistan. His conclusion: 'The Israel Defense Forces did more to safeguard the rights of civilians in a combat zone than any other army in the history of warfare'. Nonetheless, the pro-Palestinian Human Rights Council of the UN has published an enquiry, based mainly on Palestinian allegations and chaired by Judge Richard Goldstone, that alleges the IDF perpetrated war crimes and possibly crimes against humanity.


Iran To Stonewall Geneva Nuclear Talks

Menashe Amir: 'Iranian Leadership Will Only Try To Gain Time At Geneva & Never Agree To Halt Nuclear Weapons Program'

'Iran's Grand Strategy Is To Impose Its Shiite Islam On Arab Sunni World & Seek World Domination'

Iranian People Now Expect World Community To Help Topple Hated Regime

 What are the prospects for the Geneva nuclear talks aimed at halting Iran's nuclear weapons program? The revelation of the secret uranium enrichment being built in a military base near the holy city of Qom have added greater a greater sense of urgency for an intensified steps to deter Iran from continuing its nuclear weapons project. In an in depth interview, Menashe Amir, a leading Israeli expert on Iran, presented his scenario of how the Iranians, 'the masters of diplomatic deception' will again attempt to stonewall the five permanent members. Amir said the five members of the UN Security Council plus Germany must now 'get serious' if they really intend to halt the fanatical, religious regime in Tehran that aspires not only to 'wipe Israel off the map' but also to dominate the Arab states the entire world.


Netanyahu Settles Score With UN

Israeli Prime Minister Has Called On UN To Stand Up To Iran In Wake Of New Secret Uranium Installation

President Obama's Declaration On Jewish State Of Israel Of Great Importance

IsraCast Assessment: Little Or Not Prospect At Present For Comprehensive Deal With Palestinians - But Netanyahu Can Be Expected To Offer Interim Steps

Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu first caught the eye of the Israeli public when he served as an eloquent Ambassador to the U.N. He has now returned to the General Assembly to make a masterful defense of the Jewish state's struggle for survival, not only in the Middle East, but also in UN bodies that single her for 'special treatment'.


Obama's Middle East Puzzle?

U.S. President Obama Running Full Court Press On Iran

Summit With Netanyahu & Mahmoud Abbas Part Of Two Track Offensive

Netanyahu To Deliver Dramatic 'Speech' On Iran At UN

 Over the past seventy-hours, a series of events have been swirling around the Middle East and farther afield. U.S. President Barack Obama has in fact launched what amounts to a new initiative. On one hand, Obama's strategy is to try and halt Iran's nuclear weapons drive on one tract, in tandem with an Israeli-Palestinian summit at the UN. IsraCast tries to fit the pieces of Obama's puzzle into place.


'Goldstone Report Makes A Mockery Of History'

President Shimon Peres Condemns Goldstone Report On IDF Gaza Operation Calling it a 'Mockery of History'

Report Accuses Israel Of 'Crimes Against Humanity' For Acting To Suppress Eight Years Of Palestinian Rocketing From Gaza

Defense Minister Ehud Barak: 'Goldstone Report Not Only Rewards Terror, It Also Encourages It. Israel Is Taking Appropriate Legal & Diplomatic Steps To Render Report Invalid'.

 Israel has reacted angrily to the Goldstone Report into the IDF Operation 'Cast Lead' launched last December to suppress more than eight years of Palestinian rocketing of Israeli civilians from Gaza. The enquiry, commissioned by the U.N. Commission on Human Rights with headquarters in Geneva, is controlled by Arab delegates and focuses almost exclusively on bashing the Jewish state. The Isracast assessment: It's little better than a 'kangaroo-court' in the eyes of Israeli officials and public opinion at large. President Shimon Peres, as usual, has summarized Israel's reaction in a nutshell.


Israel Mourns Capt. Assaf Ramon

State Stunned By Death Of Young Pilot In Training Accident

President Shimon Peres: 'He Like His Late Father, Astronaut Ilan Ramon, Was Best Of Our Sons'

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu: 'Whole Nation Weeps With Ramon Family'

 Less than twenty-four hours after the crash of Capt. Assaf Ramon, Israelis were trying to grasp what has become not only a national but also a painful personal tragedy. Capt. Assaf Ramon, the son of national hero Col. Ilan Ramon, Israel's first astronaut killed in the Columbia spaceship disaster, had also been killed and while training as a fighter pilot. He had been following in his father's footsteps, but no one had dared to think that Assaf would also be killed on duty. That would be too much.


Netanyahu 'Bites The Bullet'

Israeli Prime Minister Opts For New Settlement Formula Designed To Preserve Right Wing Government While Also Bending To President Obama's Demand On Settlement Freeze

Netanyahu Declares:' We want Peace But Will Not Be Suckers! Palestinians Must Recognize Israel As Jewish State In Same Way As They Demand Our Recognition For Palestinian State!'

IsraCast Assessment: Netanyahu Trying To Resolve Settlements Dispute With Obama & Gain Room For Maneuver Against Iranian Nuclear Threat

 The building at Israeli settlements has placed Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu between the hammer and anvil of both international and domestic politics. U.S. President Barack Obama has relentlessly pressured Netanyahu to halt building at the settlements while right-wing supporters warned the Prime Minister against any such step. Coming against the backdrop of fresh reports that Iran is advancing in its nuclear weapons project, Netanyahu has been hard pressed to find a course of action that might be accepted, if grudgingly, both at home and in Washington.


CNN Lauds 'Beautiful Americans' In Afghanistan While Blasting 'Ugly Israelis' In Gaza

CNN Reports How Americans In Afghanistan Are Using 'Books Not Bombs' To Win The War While Israel Focuses On Destruction of Gaza

IsraCast Assessment: Recent In-depth Report 'Generation Islam' by Christiane Amanpour Illustrates How International Media Often Skew Reality

Amanpour's Camera Had One Focus For Afghanistan & A Different Focus For Gaza

 The latest U.S. bomb strike that killed an estimated 90 people in Afghanistan on Sept. 4th, many of them reportedly civilians, has again raised the dilemma of how conventional forces should fight terrorists that deliberately use civןilians as shields. This is the case in Gaza no less than Afghanistan. However, international forוums such as the U.N. and the international media often skew their reporting when it comes to Israel. The CNN's recent report 'Generation Islam' is a case in point.


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IsraCast Archive | September-October 2009

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