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IsraCast Archive | January-February 2010

Marjah, Gaza & Judge Goldstone

Afghan President Hamid Karzai: "NATO Forces Are Still Killing Too Many Innocent Civilians In Current Marjah Offensive Against Taliban Guerrillas"

U.S. & Afghan Officers: "Taliban Is Fighting From Behind Civilians Using Them As Human Shields"

Senior U.S. Officer: "Civilian Casualties Are Inevitable In Such Warfare"

 NATO forces waging the current campaign are discovering that Taliban forces in the Marjah region of Afghanistan are copying the Hamas tactics against the Israel Defense Forces in Gaza. The Islamist guerillas in Marjah are also exploiting innocent civilians as ' human shields' with some of them being killed and wounded in the cross-fire. U.S. Brig. Gen. Nicholson has been quoted as saying that despite precautions such casualties are inevitable. Ironically, Judge Richard Goldstone who accused the Israel Defense Forces of being guilty of war crimes and possibly 'crimes against humanity' in Gaza has said that the IDF should 'follow the example of the U.S. Forces fighting in Iraq and elsewhere. David Essing urges Judge Goldstone to 'join the dots' between the NATO warfare in Afghanistan and the IDF's 'Cast Lead' operation into Gaza to suppress the the rocketing of Israeli civilians.


Quiet Diplomacy & Counter Terror

Israel Hopes Diplomatic Flap With Britain Can Be Resolved Smoothly

Israel Has Not & Unlikely To Accept Responsibility For Mabhouh's Assassination

Mabhouh's Elimination Expected To Hamper Hamas Weapons Flow From Iran To Gaza

Who were the ten men and one woman who arrived discreetly at Dubai airport, tracked down Hamas kingpin Mahmoud al-Mabhouh, assassinated him in his hotel room and then departed all within nineteen hours. The fact that six of them traveled on fraudulent passports in the names of six British citizens now living in Israel pointed to the Mossad Secret Service known for its daring operations in the past. At Dubai's request, Interpol has issued warrants for the eleven suspects while British Prime Minister Gordon Brown has ordered a 'full investigation' after the summoning of the Israeli ambassador for an explanation at the Foreign Office. Israel is staying mum although quiet contacts will likely calm the diplomatic storm.


Closing The Ring On Iran

Brig.Gen.(res.) Uzi Eilam: "Iran Still Does Not Have Required Capability For Building Atomic Bomb"

IsraCast Assessment: U.S. Admiral Mike Mullen's Visit Likely To Reassure Israel's Military & Political Leaders That America Means Business & Israel Is Not Alone In Facing Iranian Nuclear Threat

 By enriching uranium from 3% to 20%, Iran appears to have startled most of the international community into finally believing that her ultimate goal is to acquire nuclear weapons. However China, which can cast a veto in the UN Security Council against stiffer sanctions, is still holding out. Amid the mounting tension, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu will be flying to Moscow to discuss the situation with Russian leaders, while U.S. Admiral Mike Mullen flies to Israel. Meanwhile Brig.Gen.(res.) Uzi Eilam, a former top Israeli nuclear official, has contended that although Iran's move was dramatic, the Iranians apparently still do not have the required capability to build an atomic bomb.


Holocaust is the most heinous crime against modern humanity

Israeli Arab MK Ahmed Tibi, at the Israeli parliament special session to mark International Holocaust Remembrance Day

 Fellow Knesset members, there is no more natural an occurrence than for the Knesset and all its factions to unite and mark International Holocaust Remembrance Day, the day of liberation for the Auschwitz extermination camp. The forces of evil sent tens of millions of people - Jews, Soviets, Poles, Gypsies, and political rivals - to an awful death. This wasn't a simple death, but an industry of death, which was borne of an ideology of hate, racism, and ethnic cleansing.


Nuclear Iran And Israeli Palestinian Talks

Israeli Source: 'Slim Chance China Will Drop Her Refusal To Impose New Sanctions On Iran After U.S. Arms Sale To Taiwan'

IsraCast Assessment: U.S. Deployment Of Patriot Missiles In Gulf States Part Of Clinton's 'Defensive Umbrella' As U.S. Presses For New Sanctions Against Iran

Israeli-Palestinian Proximity Talks Apparently To Get Underway In Coming Weeks Under Aegis Of U.S. Envoy George Mitchell

 The U.S. announcement of a $6 billion arms sale to Taiwan could not have come at a worse time for President Barack Obama's attempt to rally UN Security Council backing for new sanctions against Iran. A former senior Israeli official in Washington says chances are now slimmer than ever of getting China's crucial support. Meanwhile, the U.S. is beefing up the missile defenses of four Gulf states as Iran launches a missile which could potentially reach America's eastern seaboard. Analyst David Essing assesses this and other developments over the past seven days.


Gaza Compared With Iraq And Afghanistan

IDF Brig.Gen. David Suissa: "We Knew Hamas Would Try & Draw IDF Into Trap Of Killing Palestinian Civilians & We Did Everything Possible To Avoid It"

"I Was Commander Of Fire Control & I Say With Absolute Certainty There Was No Deliberate Attempt To Kill Palestinian Civilians Or Destroy Their Infrastructure"

IsraCast Assessment: Relative To Iraq U.S. Coalition Has Killed Ten Times More Civilians In War Against Combatants Than Did IDF During Cast Lead Operation In Gaza

 In early February, the Goldstone Report that accused Israel of perpetrating war crimes in Gaza will again make headlines. UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon is expected to address the question of Israeli and Palestinian compliance with the Goldstone demand for independent inquiries into the IDF's Cast Lead Operation to suppress the eight years of Palestinian rocketing of Israeli civilians. The Israeli government is now considering, what if any, investigation to set up after refusing to cooperate with the probe that was mandated by the UN's Council of Human Rights to investigate Israel's 'war crimes'.


Severe Sanctions Will Serve Iranian Democrats

Menashe Amir: 'Iranian Dissidents Will Welcome New Sanctions On Dictatorial Regime'

'More Than Sixty Per Cent Of Iranians Now Demand Regime Change'

'Despite German Chancellor Merkle's Public Criticism Of Iranian Regime, German Companies Do Booming Business With Iran'

Iran continues to defy U.S. President Barack Obama's January deadline and continues to produce enriched uranium as part of its nuclear weapons project. This week, IDF Maj. Gen. Amos Yadlin disclosed the Iranian nuclear clock is still ticking and every day Tehran is enriching a 'number of kilograms of low grade uranium'. At the latest meeting of the 'five plus one', China and Russia again blocked any serious attempt to impose new and harsher sanctions on the Iranian regime. Israeli analyst Menashe Amir, who was born and bred in Iran, assessed the current situation in an address to the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs in Jerusalem. IsraCast's David Essing recommends Amir's analysis as an inside look into what is happening in the Iran file which is far from closed.


Israel's Diplomatic Debacle & Mossad Success

Defense Minister Ehud Barak To Examine If Turkey Is Willing To Put Ayalon Affair In the Past & Treat Israel More Respectfully

IsraCast Assessment: Egypt Ignores Foreign Minister Lieberman But Maintains Close Relations With Netanyahu Government - Possible Precedent For Turkey?

Al-Aharam: 'If Not For Mossad Chief Meir Dagan, Iran Would Have Acquired Nuclear Weapons Years Ago!'

 Defense Minister Ehud's Barak's official visit to Turkey has been saved by the eleventh hour apology of Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon. Barak will be able to examine what can be salvaged from the relations after Ayalon tried to humiliate Turkish Ambassador Ahmet Oguz Celikkol while delivering a protest over Turkey's verbal attacks on Israel and the screening of anti- Semitic programs on Turkish TV. The Barak visit will now have added importance at a time that relations between Jerusalem and Ankara have hit an all time low. On the other hand, none other than the Egyptian newspaper Al-Aharam credits Mossad chief Meir Dagan with stalling Iran's nuclear weapons project.


Iranian Nuclear Scientist Assassinated

Iran: 'Israel,U.S. & Anti-Revolutionary Forces Are Responsible For Assassination Of Nuclear Scientist Prof. Massud Masoudi in Tehran'

Former Mossad Chief Shabtai Shavit: 'I Have No Idea Who Planted The Bomb But Covert War Is Being Waged By West Against Iranian Nuclear Weapons Project'

Today's Technology Enables Covert Operations To Be Conducted From A Distance & Borders Are No Obstacle!'

 Who assassinated senior Iranian nuclear physicist Prof. Massoud Ali-Mohammadi by a bomb planted near his car outside his Tehran home on Tuesday morning? Iran blames Israel, U.S. and Iranian opponents of the regime. Israel has failed to react to the accusation. In an interview with Israel Radio, Shabtai Shavit, a former director of Mossad, Israel's Secret Intelligence Service, said he had no idea who planted the bomb but he also discussed what he called 'the covert war being waged against the Iranian nuclear weapons project'.


Israel's Zero Tolerance For Gaza Rocketing

Israel Signals Zero Tolerance For Fresh Rocketing Attacks From Gaza

IDF Gen.(ret) Yitzak Ben Yisrael: 'New Iron Dome Missile Defense Is World Class Achievement That Will Soon Provide Enhanced Protection For Israeli Civilians Within Rocket Range Of Gaza'

Why Have Israeli Airlines Not Introduced Full Body Screening Checks?

Palestinian terrorists in Gaza escalated their rocket and mortar attacks on Israeli civilians this week - the Israeli response came within hours with pin-point air strikes. On Gaza's southern border, Egyptian security forces also repulsed Palestinians rioters who stormed the border area in protest over Egypt's blocking of the arms smuggling tunnels. In another milestone, Israel has uncovered 'Iron Dome', a state-of-the art missile defense system designed to intercept Kassam rockets fired at Israeli population centers from Gaza. Analyst David Essing also has some thoughts on the outcome of the failed Al-Qaeda attempt to blow up an American airliner and the reaction of U.S. President Barack Obama.


Israel, Iran & New Year

Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon: 'No Guarantee Iranian Regime Will Survive 2010 - U.S., Russia & China Ready To Impose Sanctions, Possibly This Month'

IsraCast Asssessment: New Sanctions On Iran Should Be Designed To Deter Regime While Not Harming Popular Momentum For Democratic Change

Shabak Security Chief Diskin: 'Release Of Marwan Barghutti & Influx Of Hard Core Terrorists To West Bank Could Spark Intifada III'

Israel has entered 2010 facing with a wide range of both dangers and prospects in the security and foreign affairs arena. The Iranian regime is now battling for its political survival at home against a mounting campaign for democratic reform while time has apparently run out for its clandestine nuclear weapons project. At year's end, the international reach of Islamist terrorism struck again at Schiphol Airport and at a CIA base in Afghanistan, while a divided Palestinian camp remained split over terrorism or negotiations. Analyst David Essing assesses the situation from an Israeli perspective.


Prof. Oded Abramsky - chairman of the National Council for Research and Development

Oded Abramsky was born in Jerusalem. He received M.D. and Ph.D. degrees from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He did his residency in Neurology at the Hadassah University Hospital and became Board Certified in Neurology in 1973. In 1981-1988 he was the Chairman of the Division of Neurology and Neurosurgery in the Hebrew University Hadassah Medical School. In 1982 he was appointed Head of the Neuroimmunolgoy Unit at Hadassah Medical Organization, and Professor of Neurology at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.


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IsraCast Archive | January-February 2010

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