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IsraCast Archive | May-June 2010

Israeli Satellites Keeping Eye On Iran

Senior Israeli Defense Official: 'OFEK 9 Will Help Israel Keep Tabs On Iran'

IDF Intelligence Officer: 'Latest U.N. Sanctions Have sent A Symbolic Message to Tehran But More Rigorous Measures Must Be Imposed To Persuade Iranians To Halt Nuclear Weapons Program'

Prime Minister Netanyahu Ponders Proposals For Palestinian Peace Before Summit With U.S. President Obama On July 6th

In defiance of the latest UN Security Council sanctions, President Mahmoud Ahmadenijad has made clear that Tehran has no intention of halting her nuclear weapons program. Within days Israel launched 'OFEK 9', a space satellite that will provide up to the minute photos from inside Iran. At a closed door briefing to the Knesset Foreign Affairs & Defense Committee, a senior IDF intelligence officer presented the latest intelligence estimate on Iran's nuclear program. Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu also spoke of some of the challenges he was facing in the 'uneasy days' before his next meeting with U.S. President Barack Obama in the White House on July 6th.


It Is My Boy!

 Aviva Shalit wrote an open letter to her son Gilad Shalit, an Israel Defense Forces soldier who was captured on June 25, 2006 by Palestinian militants in a cross-border raid. He has been held as a prisoner in the Gaza Strip by Hamas since then. Hamas has refused requests from the International Committee of the Red Cross to allow the ICRC to visit Shalit.


Israel Ready To Consider Extension Of Settlement Freeze

Israel's U.S. Ambassador Michael Oren: 'Israel Will Be Ready To Consider Extension Of Ten Month Settlement Freeze In Framework Of Direct Negotiations With Palestinians'

'U.S. Fully Supports Israel's Right To Enforce Sea Blockade Of Gaza & Israel Has Accepted Adjustments To Ease Supplies To Gaza'

IsraCast Assessment: Israel's Apparent Readiness To Consider Extending Ten Month Settlement Freeze Could Be Part Of New Israeli Initiative To Kick-start Direct Negotiations With Palestinians This Fall

In an interview with Israel Radio's English News, Ambassador Michael Oren has indicated the Netanyahu government will be ready to consider an extension of the ten month settlement freeze in Judea & Samaria. However, such a possibility had to be dealt with in direct negotiations with the Palestinians. Until now, Prime Minister Netanyahu has declared the building freeze will expire after its ten month time-frame runs out on September 26th. Until now, government leaders have indicated that building in the settlements woll then be resumed. In another development, Israel has made clear that she will not permit any vessels sailing to Gaza to violate her maritime blockade. IsraCast analyst David Essing assesses the implications.


Israel's 'Final Countdown' For Iran?

Times of London: 'Saudi Arabia Has Agreed To Allow Israeli Aircraft To Fly Over Her Airspace In Event Of Israeli Air Strike On Iran's Nuclear Weapons Facilities'

'U.S. State Department Approved The Deal'

IsraCast Assessment: If report is reliable, it would indicate that Saudi Arabia and the U.S. have collaborated on a possible Israeli air strike on Iran, if all else fails. If true, this would be a major shift in U.S. President Barack Obama's approach.

 The London Times has reported a dramatic new development after Iran rejected the latest UN Security Council sanctions and indicated she has no intention of halting her nuclear weapons program. According to the report, Saudi Arabia has agreed to allow Israel to use a narrow corridor of her airspace in the north to shorten the distance for a bombing raid on Iran's nuclear facilities. The Saudis had even tested a 'stand-down' of their air defenses that would allow Israeli aircraft to fly through unscathed. The U.S. was said to have approved the arrangement. Analyst David Essing cautions that the U.S. involvement has yet to be confirmed - this is his assessment on the basis of available information.


'Rachel Corrie' Sailed For Ashdod

Israeli Naval Commandos Board Rachel Corrie Forcing Her Her To Change Course From Gaza To Israeli Port Of Ashdod

Israeli Spokesman Said There Was No Resistance By Passengers & No Casualties On Either Side

Israeli Official: 'Israel Will Continue To Stop Any Ships Sailing For Gaza No Matter Who Is On Deck'

 Israeli naval commandos have boarded the Irish ship Rachel Corrie and forced the vessel to change course from Gaza to the nearby Israeli port of Ashdod. This time there was no resistance by any of the fifteen passengers and the Israeli military spokesman said there were no casualties. The ship did not carry any weapons or explosives but tons of cement may not be allowed to be sent on to Gaza. IsraCast Assessment: The Rachel Corrie incident indicates that violence on the Turkish ship Marmara was triggered by passengers and not Israeli commandos. Israel will not lift the sea blockade that prevents more rockets from reaching Gaza where they will be launched into Israel at Israeli civilians.


Israeli Counter-Terror Operation At Sea

Defense Minister Ehud Barak:'The Flotilla's Organizers Were Really Trying To Establish A Sea Corridor For Arms & Explosives To Hamas In Gaza'

Admiral Eli Merom: 'Israeli Naval Commandos Were Ordered Not To Use Force Unless Necessary But Had To Fight For Their Lives On One Of The Ships'

In Light Of Situation, Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu Cancels Meeting With U.S. President Barack Obama & Returns Home From Canada

 In the early hours of the day, Israeli naval commandos slid down ropes from hovering helicopters onto the six ships that were trying to break Israel's blockade of the Hamas controlled Gaza Strip. The flotilla's organizers had repeatedly ordered the flotilla to steer a course for the Israeli port of Ashdod and unload their humanitarian aid there to be checked for explosives and weapons before they were sent on to Gaza. On at least one of the ships, the soldiers were met with fierce resistance causing casualties. IsraCast analyst David Essing is of the view that while rockets continue to be launched from Gaza into Israel, Israel's message is that such ships will not pass.


Obama's Sellout Vs. Netanyahu's Debacle

Israeli Leaders Shocked By U.S. Vote In Favour Of UN Decision To Consider Monitoring Of Jewish State's Nuclear Facilities

Issue Expected To Be High On Agenda Of Minister Prime Minister Netanyahu's Meeting With President Obama In White House

IsraCast Assessment: Obama Sacrifices Jewish State's Crucial Nuclear Interest While Netanyahu Neglected To Preserve American Support For Israel's 'Obscure' Nuclear Policy

 Israeli officials were convinced that U.S. President Barack Obama's invitation to Israel's Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu was a good omen. After the wrangling over Israeli settlement building in Judea & Samaria and east Jerusalem, Israeli-U.S. relations were back on track. White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emmanuel even delivered the invitation during a private visit to Israel, where he was welcomed warmly. One Israeli daily even went as far as to quote Netanyahu as declaring in private 'I won!' Then came the bombshell; the U.S. for the first time in some forty years voted in favor of a UN decision for a conference in 2012 to discuss international inspection of Israel's nuclear facilities. IsraCast analyst David Essing says even Netanyahu's political rivals are flabbergasted by the U.S. vote.


North Korea & Iran - Connect The Dots

North Korea's Torpedoing Of South Korean Ship Illustrates What To Expect From A Nuclear Armed Iran

North Korea Case Indicates How Problematic It Is To Cope With Nuclear Tyranny

Hezbollah Chief Nasrallah Copies North Korea By Threatening To Sink Ships Sailing For Israel

North Korea's nuclear weapons capability enables that rogue state to literally 'get away with murder' - that is one lesson to be drawn from the current crisis. There are others that also reflect on Iran's current drive to get the bomb. Proof of North Korean startling aggression against South Korea coincides with Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu's upcoming visit to France, Canada and the U.S. IsraCast is of the view that the case of nuclear North Korea 'unacceptable' killing of forty-six South Korean sailors serves as a preview of what to expect from Iran, if she also acquires nuclear weapons. Netanyahu will likely call on his hosts to take more effective action against Iran before time runs out and to connect the dots between the latest North Korean atrocity and the looming Iranian threat.


Iran's 'Peace In Our Time' Ploy

Israeli Reaction:Latest Iranian Offer Is Ruse To Forestall New International Sanctions

U.S. Indicates It Will Will Still Pursue Sanctions Against Iran In UN Security Council However China & Russia Stress Positive Aspects Of Latest Proposal

Dr. Uzi Arad: 'Israel Is At Crossroads, We Must Decide Whether To Act In Self-Defense Before We Are Attacked'

 True to form, the Iranians have come up with a new ruse for derailing the current U.S. campaign for imposing harsher sanctions to force Tehran to halt its nuclear weapons program. With the threat of fresh sanctions fast approaching, President Ahmadenijad met with Brazilian President da Silva and Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan to hammer out what they have presented as a 'breakthrough' to the current Iranian nuclear crisis. But when the fine print was disclosed, the three ecstatic leaders recalled the images of Chamberlain, Hitler and Deladier at Munich.


Leukemia 'Miracle' In Israel & OECD

Dr. Archana Jabhav: 'My Son's Recovery From Leukemia In Israel Was No Less Than a Miracle!'

'Hadassah's Bone Marrow Transplant Department Rescued Him From Critical Stage After Other Treatments Failed'

IsraCast Assessment: Successful Treatment Of Critical Leukemia Patient From India Illustrates High Level Of Israeli Medical Research, One Of Numerous Factors Justifying Israel's Acceptance Into OECD

 What is the connection between the acceptance of Israel into the esteemed OECD, the Organization for Economic Co-Operation & Development, and the miraculous recovery of a youngster from India from a critical stage of leukemia? Simply this - it illustrates why the prestigious OECD has now accepted the Jewish state as a deserving member for her record of achievement.


Bar Ilan Institute of Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials

 Research efforts are concentrated within six core areas that were identified when the Bar-Ilan Institute of Nanotechnology & Advanced Materials was established. Each research area has its own dedicated Center within the Institute. The six centers of excellence are: Nano-Materials Center, Nano-Medicine Center, The Dahan Nano-Energy Center, Nano-Magnetism Center, Nano-Cleantech Center and Nano-Photonics Center.


Nanotechnology big time

 This week Bar-Ilan University will dedicate the Multidisciplinary Center for Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology. Just another festive occasion at an academic institution that spotlights, for a brief moment, the work of a group of researchers focused on a specific field of scientific endeavor. One more ceremony at which these researchers are showered with deserved praise, where proper thanks are expressed to donors who have provided us with another essential infrastructure for enriching human knowledge. But the new center’s unique characteristics also provide us with an opportunity to examine several important issues relevant to Israeli science in the 21st century.


Richard Goldstone - Apartheid's 'Hanging Judge'

Yediot Ahronot Newspaper: 'Judge Richard Goldstone Served Apartheid Regime In South Africa Sending At Least 28 Black Africans To The Gallows & Sending Others To The Lash'

Judge Goldstone: 'I Was Only Ruling In Accordance With Existing Law At That Time - I Am Now Opposed To Death Penalty'

IsraCast: 'Revelations Of Goldstone's Role In Aparthied Regime Raises Questions About Why Pro-Arab UN Body Selected Such A Man For Hatchet Job On Israel'

 In an exclusive report, the Israeli newspaper Yediot Ahronot has exposed the sordid past of Judge Richard Goldstone, who has accused the Israel Defense Forces of possible crimes during the Cast Lead Operation into Gaza to halt eight years of Palestinian rocketing on Israeli civilians. The Goldstone report has been widely condemned as totally biased against Israel. The Israeli newspaper Yediot Ahronot has now published an investigative report into the background of Goldstone, who served the former apartheid regime in South Africa, during which he approved the death penalty and lashing for dozens of Black South Africans.


Times Square & Israeli Security

IDF General Amos Gilboa: 'Israel Cannot Compromise On Security In Proximity Talks With Palestinians'

IsraCast Assessments #1: Risky Israeli Security Concessions To Palestinians Will Lead To 'Times Square' Car Bombing Scenarios In Israeli Cities

#2: New IDF Intelligence Estimate Portrays Latest Syrian Missiles To Hezbollah In Lebanon As A Clear & Present Danger To Israel

 Barring unforeseen circumstances, the long awaited proximity talks between Israel and the Palestinians will get underway on May 5th, when U.S. envoy George Mitchell meets with Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu in Jerusalem. At week's end, middleman Mitchell will then drive for less than half an hour to Ramallah on the West Bank to meet Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. IsraCast analyst David Essing says the recent Times Square car bomb will strengthen Israel's resolve to stand firm on security in face of Islamist terrorism. On the eve of the proximity talks, IDF intelligence has revealed a new dimension of Hezbollah's missile buildup in Lebanon that appears to be a clear and present danger to the Jewish state.


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IsraCast Archive | May-June 2010

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