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IsraCast Archive | March-April 2011

Palestinian Hybrid

West Bank President Mahmoud Abbas To Sign Reconciliation Agreement With Hamas Leader Khaled Meshaal Creating New Palestinian Hybrid - One Part Terror, One Part Diplomacy

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu & Defense Minister Ehud Barak Declare: 'Israel Will Have Nothing To Do With New Palestinian Government That Includes Hamas - It's A Total Non-Starter'

IsraeCast Assessment: Netanyahu Likely To Portray New Emerging Palestinian Leadership That Includes Should Disqualify Recognition Of Palestinian State By UN General Assembly In September

One of the greatest surprises of the 'Arab Spring', now sweeping the Middle East, is the sudden reconciliation between the two bitter Palestinian rivals for power. Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas from the West Bank and Hamas Chief Khaled Mashal, who virtually rules Gaza from Damascus, will go to Cairo on May 4th to sign an Egyptian brokered accord calling for a new election within a year. Israel's Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu swiftly rejected the step declaring: 'Mahoud Abbas must decide between Israel and Hamas that calls for Israel's destruction!' Analyst David Essing has this assessment of the latest political bombshell that has also taken Israel's security establishment by surprise.


Goldstone & Islamic Terrorism

In Gaza, After Firing Deadly Anti-Tank Rocket At Israeli School Bus, Hamas Now Claims Terrorist Murder Of Italian Activist Is Against Its 'Morals & Traditions'

Even After Richard Goldstone's Regret Over Allegations Against Israel, There Are Those Who Have Made Up Their Minds & Refused To Be Bothered by the Facts

Hamas Itself Verified That 700 of 1200 Palestinian Fatalities During IDF's Cast Lead Operation Were Militants

After six days of quiet, following the recent flare-up along the Israeli- Gaza border, two more Grads were fired from Gaza at the Israeli town of Ashdod. The two missiles detonated without causing any casualties or damage, except for again terrorizing the whole town and sending its children, women and men racing for their bomb shelters on the eve of the Sabbath. This time, Hamas was not believed responsible and therefore IDF responded by hitting two unmanned Hamas targets in Gaza, where Gaza is the official government and bears responsibility for any attacks from its territory. In the wake of Judge Richard Goldstone's article of regret there are still those who have made up their mind against Israel in spite of the facts. Analyst David Essing is of the view that Israel bashing thrives on the use of doublespeak whether it was the original Goldstone Report and its aftermath or the murder of the Italian activisit In Gaza.


700,000 Israelis in Bomb Shelters

Seven Hundred Thousand Israeli Civilians Forced Into Bomb Shelters For Third Consecutive Day As Rocket Barrage Continued From Gaza

IDF (res.)Gen. Giora Eiland: 'Another IDF Land Operation Into Gaza Is Inevitable, If Rocketing Does Not Cease Within Few Days'

IsraCast Assessment: If Most Children Had Not Got Off School Bus Before It was Rocketed, It Would Have Turned Into An Israeli '9/11'

 What would be a 'proportional' Israeli response to the Hamas attempt to murder and maim dozens of Israeli children in a school bus traveling near the border with Gaza? In the ongoing war of terror being launched by Palestinians in Gaza, the deliberate missile attack on the school bus is a new flash point - the IDF is not only avenging the missile strike but also seeking to deter it in the future. Since the bus atrocity on April 7th, the IDF has responded with air and artillery strikes over the border and the terrorists have been firing rockets day and night forcing 700,000 Israeli children, women and men to remain in or near their bomb shelters.


Wake Up Call to Netanyahu

Former Israeli Senior Security & Public Officials: 'Prime Minister Netanyahu Must Launch Serious Diplomatic Initiative Before UN Recognition Of Palestine In September'

Former Shabak Security Chief Yaacov Perri: 'Our Proposal Calls For Peace Agreements Based On 1967 Lines Including Partition Of Jerusalem'

IsraCast Assessment: Peace Plan Reflects Mounting Concern Across Party Lines With Government's Failure To Respond To Palestinian Campaign In International Arena

 In September, West Bank President Mahmoud Abbas plans to call on the UN General Assembly to officially recognize the state of Palestine. Since the Netanyahu government took office two years ago, Abbas has succeeded in gaining the votes of 150 nations that will support a vote for Palestine independence Analyst David Essing says the step would bypass direct negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians, internationalize the conflict and could open the door to an imposed agreement and Israel's international isolation. The peace proposal supported by former IDF Chief of Staff Amnon Lipkin-Shahak and former Shabak Security Director Yaacov Perri is a wake-up call to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu.


Goldstone Recants On Israeli Allegations

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu: 'Goldstone Report Should Be Thrown Into Trash Bin Of History!'

Judge Richard Goldstone:'If I Had Known Then What I Know Now, Goldstone Report Would Have Been Different Document'

'Palestinian Civilians Were Not Intentionally Targeted'

South African Judge Richard Goldstone, who alleged that the IDF operation into Gaza in 2009 may have committed 'crimes against humanity', has now recanted. In an article published in the Washington Post, Goldstone has written that the IDF did not intentionally target Palestinian civilians. Israel refused to cooperate with the Goldstone inquiry because it was orchestrated by the pro- Arab Human Rights Council of the U.N., which even Goldstone admits has always been biased against Israel. In reaction, Israel's Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has declared: 'The Goldstone Report should be thrown into the trash bin of history and the UN should now retract it!' Defense Minister Ehud Barak called on Goldstone to present his new conclusions to the international bodies where he presented the report. Analyst David Essing says that while Goldstone's retraction has now set the record straight, Goldstone's initial vilification of Israel is but one example of the trend to smear Israel when it acts  in self - defense such as countering terror attacks from Gaza or in the Mavi Marmara attempt to break the legal blockade of Gaza.


Middle East Snapshot of Arab Upheavals

Israel Experts: 'Low Probability That Current Developments Will Lead To Democractic Governments'

'Upheavals Could Lead To Fracturing Of Arab Societies

In Evolving Situation'

Daniel Pipes: 'How Will U.S. President Barack Obama Defend West's Interests Against Possibility Of Radical Islamists Increasing Their Power In Arab Counties?'

Israel's political and security leaderships have been trying to forecast the outcome of the historic events now sweeping through the Arab states of the Middle East. In the Knesset, the Foreign Affairs & Defense Committee, has convened 'a brain storming session' with some top Israeli experts to discuss the Arab 'democratic movement' to force regime changes in the neighboring states, the Gulf and North Africa. At the same time Daniel Pipes, a prominent American Arabist, has also presented his snapshot of the Middle East upheavals. Analyst David Essing sums up some of the assessments presented by the experts.


The Smallest Camera in the World

 Since the dawn of modern medicine, doctors have pursed the use oftechnology to help them see into the human body. A variety of means serve justthis purpose: X-rays, CT scans, optical fibers and more, but the greatestbreakthrough in the field can be attributed to a unique technology developed bythe Israeli company Medigus


Gaza - Meltdown or Cooling Down?

Escalation Of Palestinian Rocketing From Gaza Forces Israel To Prematurely Deploy 'Iron Dome' Anti-Missile System To Protect Israeli Civilians

IsraCast Assessment: Deployment of 'Iron Dome' Indicates Israeli Government's Attempt To Defuse Situation That Could Soar Out Of Control, If Palestinian Attacks Continue Or If Rocket Inflicts Severe Casualties

For over a week now, Israeli civilians along the Gaza border have been racing for their bomb shelters as early warning sirens warn that more Palestinian rockets have been fired at them from Palestinian terrorists. They've had enough and are demanding that the government put an end to it one way or the other. To date, the IDF has reacted by carrying out pin point air raids and ground fire at terror targets mainly trying to intercept the actual rocker launchers who fire from inside Palestinian populated areas. But to no avail. Meanwhile, there has also been an upsurge in terror attacks on the West Bank where the Palestinian Authority operates actively suppresses terrorism against Israel, rather than encouraging it. Analyst David Essing writes that Israel is now considering several options to solve the dilemma of how to force the terrorists in Gaza to cease their attacks without launching a major military operation into Gaza.


Libya & Iran... Join The Dots

Will International Community Also Issue Ultimatum To Iran Whose Nuclear Weapons Program Poses Far Greater Poses A Far Greater Than Gadaffi's Libya?

Current Air Offensive Against Gadaffi's Forces May End In Standoff Between Libyan Regime & Rebels

Nuclear Specter In Japan Stresses Urgency Of Preventing Iran, A Similar Deranged Regime Like Libya, From Acquiring Nuclear Weapons

 The international media are now focused on two flash points on the globe - the tsunami and cataclysmic nuclear threat in Japan and the West's air strikes in Libya against the forces of Muamar Gadaffi. Analyst David Essing looks at some of the lessons to be learned from these developments that should be applied to Iran's drive to acquire nuclear weapons.


Iran's Long Arm Of Terror

Binyamin Netanyahu: 'Interception Of Advanced Missiles On Victoria Freighter Illustrates Israel's Right & Duty To Impose Naval Blockade Of Gaza'

IDF Commanders: 'Chinese Developed Missiles Would Have Threatened Strategic Israeli Targets With Powerful Warheads Within Range of 35 Kilometers'

IsraCast Assessment: Iran Now Escalating Subversive Activities On Multiple Fronts: Smuggling Of Sophisticated Missiles To Gaza While Stirring Up Trouble In Bahrain In What Has Developed Into Open Confrontation With Saudi Arabia & Other Gulf States.

 While Iran advances at full tilt on its nuclear weapons program, Tehran is also stepping up its subversion throughout the Middle East. The Israel Navy's interception of a major shipment of advanced missiles and other sophisticated weaponry to Gaza is but one tentacle of the Iranian octopus of terror and intervention aimed at imposing Iranian hegemony in the region. Analyst David Essing bases his assessment on two corners of the arena.


Itamar Massacre

Slaughter Of Fogel Family In Their Sleep Jeopardizes Prospects For Israeli-Palestinian Peace Process

Israeli Security Forces Launch Massive Manhunt For Palestinian Killers On West Bank While Also Trying To Restrain Furious Israeli Residents Bent On Retaliation

IsraCast Assessment: Israeli Peace Camp Will Contend There is No Alternative To Peace Process Despite Atrocity - Right Wing Will Warn The Massacre Reveals True Face Of Palestinians & Peace Is An Illusion

On the quiet Sabbath eve of March 11th, two Palestinian terrorists penetrated the Israeli settlement of Itamar on the West Bank and literally slaughtered five members of the Fogel family, including two young boys and a four month old baby girl. Israeli security forces have mounted a manhunt for the killers while also deploying to prevent incensed settlers from retaliating against Palestinians. The atrocity now jeopardizes the relative quiet on the West Bank and prospects for any kind of progress in the peace process. Analyst David assesses some of the ramifications.


Netanyahu's Palestinian Peace Proposal

Likud MK Ofir Ecunis: 'Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu Will Soon Present Long-Term Interim Plan For Palestinian State'

'Plan Must Include Solid Security Arrangements For Israel Including IDF Presence In Jordan Valley Basin'

Public Opinion Pollster:'Fifty-five Percent Of Israelis Believe Israel's Diplomatic Isolation Will Worsen Unless Government Takes Diplomatic Initiative; Thirty-four Percent Said No Change Was Required'

Faced with growing international isolation and strained relations with U.S., Israel's Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu is now in the throes of formulating a new proposal for a Palestinian state. In an interview with Channel 1 TV, Likud Knesset Member Ofir Ecunis, a confidant of the Prime Minister has alluded to some key points. Earlier this week, Netanyahu startled his Likud caucus in the Knesset by declaring: 'Wake up, we can't break our heads against the wall by insisting on settlement building in areas designated for Palestinian state!' This week, Israeli security forces also fired with rubber bullets at violent settlers who tried to prevent the demolition of an illegal outpost on the West Bank.


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