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IsraCast Archive | March-April 2012

Israeli Pilot: 'We Are Prepared For Iran If Given The Order'

Lt.Col. Gilad: 'We Are Always Ready For Some Big Mission - That Is Our State Of Preparedness'

'Some Pilots Might Not Return But We Have Trained To Carry Out Mission Successfully & In Shortest PossibleTime '

'In An Absurd Way Things Could Be Simpler For Pilots On Iranian Mission Than Back In Israel Which Will Come Under Rocket Fire'

 While pundits can continue pontificating, the Israeli public got a first hand view of the Israeli pilots who, if given the order, will take off on the most hazardous mission in the state's history. Channel 10 TV was given a rare opportunity recently to visit a base of the Israel Air Force, where preparations are continuing for a possible air strike on Iran's nuclear installations. Military correspondent Alon Ben David was also permitted to interview some of the squadron commanders about such a mission. His report left no doubt the IAF is ready to attack Iran's nuclear weapons sites, if Israel's political leadership decides that time's up and U.S. President Barack Obama has failed to halt Iran's drive to produce nuclear weapons.


Iran's Nuclear Poker in Istanbul

President Ahmadinejad: 'Iran Won't Retreat One Millimeter At New Round Of Nuclear Talks'

IsraCast Assessment: Israel Will Be Watching Closely From the Sidelines To See If U.S. & Rest Of P5+1 Will Call Iran's Bluff

Who will win and who will lose at the diplomatic poker game in Istanbul? The stakes are extremely high for all concerned and the other silent players not at the table - first and foremost for Israel. Israeli leaders will be watching and waiting to see if U.S. President Barack Obama and the rest of the P5+1 are ready to call Iran's bluff. In the run-up, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has declared that Tehran 'will not retreat one millimeter and never give in to international pressure to halt its nuclear program'. Analyst David Essing is of the view that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Ehud Barak have indicated they are hoping for the best but also preparing for the worst.


'First Passover In Israel'

Jewish Volunteers From Around World Spend First Passover In Israel Serving In IDF

Twin Sisters From New York Complete Officers Training Course: 'We Gave Up Everything To Fulfill Our Dream & Serve In IDF'

Young Soldiers From U.S., Scotland, Sweden, Russia and Paraguay Tell Of How Serving In IDF Has Added New Meaning To Their Lives

 On April 28th at the Armored Corps Base at Latrun, twin sisters from Long Island, New York will be promoted to Second Lieutenants in the Israel Defense Forces, after successfully completing the officers training course. Sapir and Inbar Baumwohl, like many other Jewish young men and women from around the world, leave their families and come on 'aliya' to Israel in order to serve in the IDF. Their stories are as varied as the countries they came from. During the Passover holiday, reporter Sigal Arbitman in the newspaper 'Yisrael Hayom' wrote two articles on these 'solitary soldiers', who come on their own to Israel. IsraCast's David Essing sums up the interviews with these idealists.


Opening Ceremony of the Hebrew University

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem is Israel's oldest and largest university. It has been ranked as one of the 100 most outstanding academic institutions in the world. The First Board of Governors included Albert Einstein , Sigmund Freud , Martin Buber and Chaim Weizmann.


Jews in Morocco: The Fez Pogrom of 1912

This month the Jewish world will cite the one hundredth anniversary of one of the most painful events in the history of the Jews in Muslim lands - the "Tritel" – the pogrom in Fez, Morocco that occurred between April 17 and 19, 1912.


Obama Blindsides Israel on Iran

Defense Minister Barak: 'Only Way To Overcome Gap Between Israel & U.S. Is To Stiffen Sanctions & Set Short Time-table For New Nuclear Talks'

'Confronting A Nuclear Iran In Future Will Be More Costlier In Blood & Treasure Than It Is Today'

ISRACAST ASSESSMENT: Obama Administration Conducting Orchestrated Campaign Of Media Leaks To Pressure Israel Not To Attack Iran's Nuclear Weapons Sites

'We do not see the latest sanctions or the new nuclear talks stopping Iran's nuclear weapons project' - Israel's Defense Minister Ehud Barak has stated this publically and privately. On the other hand, American officials have told the New York Times that an Israeli military strike against Iran 'could leave hundreds of Americans dead'. Other U.S. and Western sources have also been leaking information designed to influence the Israeli government and public opinion. Meanwhile, Iranian President Mahmoud Achmadinejad has declared: 'No one will stop Achmadinejad from building a nuclear weapon any time he decides to do so!' On the eve of a new round of nuclear talks, analyst David Essing is of the view that paradoxically the Iranian regime and the Obama administration are both interested in playing for time, albeit for different reasons.


Israel's Iron Dome Trumps Gaza's Rockets

Prime Minister Netanyahu: ' On Gaza, Quiet Will Be Met With Quiet - Israel Will Continue To Prevent Any Attempt To Disrupt it!'

Egyptian Brokered Cease-Fire Taking Hold - Israeli Students Return to School

IsraCast Assessment: Iron Dome May Have Far Reaching Implications Not Only For the Israel-Gaza Arena: Cabinet Likely To Discuss Crash Program To Deploy More Batteries As soon as Possible

 After five days of intense exchanges, quiet is returning to southern Israel and Gaza. The question is for how long. Both Israel and the Islamic Jihad, the two protagonists, claimed victory while the Hamas government of Gaza looked on from the sidelines. The Egyptian military again played fireman in dousing the flare-up while the rest of the Sunni Arab world was enveloped in its own Arab Spring, the carnage in Syria and its own looming confrontation with a rival Shiite Iran bent on acquiring nuclear weapons. Although there have been frequent firestorms along the Gaza-Israel frontrier, analyst David Essing says this time may have longer lasting implications.


Iron Dome Game-Changer in New Gaza Conflagration

Israel's Iron Dome Missile Defense System Proving To Be Remarkable Success In Intercepting Incoming Rockets From Gaza

Brig.Gen Danny Gold:'Iron Dome Has Given Israel The Only System In the World Capable Of Intercepting Flat Trajectory Rockets!'

IsraCast Assessment: Iranian Proxies In Gaza Sparking Latest Confrontation - IDF Counter-strikes Have Taken Heavy Toll Of Terrorists While Iron Dome Is Neutralizing Missile Threat

 It is the most serious flare-up since Israel's Cast Lead Operation into Gaza over three years ago. Rockets are flying from Gaza and Israeli aircraft are pounding the Palestinian rocket squads. Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and other Israeli officials have declared they're fed up with the terrorists launching rocket attacks whenever they feel like it and driving one million Israeli civilains racing for their bomb shelters. Analyst David Essing is of the opinion that the remarkable success of the IDF's Iron Dome Missile defense has proven to be a game changer in the confrontation.


Obama-Netanyahu Iran Reconciliation

U.S President & Israeli Prime Minister Agree on Short-Term Tactics For Halting Iran's Nuclear Weapons Program

Netanyahu Signals That Israel Can & Will Attack If Iran Persists – Obama Pledges He Will Employ Military Option If all Else Fails

IsraCast Assessment: Two Leaders Concur That Iran Must Not Be allowed To Acquire Nuclear Weapons But Not On Deadline For Military Action

 Iran must be prevented from acquiring nuclear weapons one way or the other – that was the message from both leaders. But although they agreed on the strategy it's not certain they see eye to eye on the tactics. In the opinion of analyst David Essing the U.S. President and the Israeli Prime Minister agreed on a short-run modus operandi, but if it fails all bets are off.


Atomic Bomb and Israel's Children

Menachem Begin: 'God Almighty, An Atomic Bomb Could Fall On Israel's Children!'

Amos Yadlin: 'U.S. President Barack Obama Should Give Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu An Iron- Clad Assurance On Iran, Otherwise Israeli Leaders May Well Choose To Act While They Still Can'

IsraCast Suggestion: Netanyahu Should Quote The Words Of Prime Minister Menachem Begin In 1981 Immediately After Israeli Air Strike On Iraqi Nuclear Reactor

 The Obama-Netanyahu summit in Washington may very well seal Israel's future course of action against Iran and its drive to acquire nuclear weapons. Although the U.S.President can be expected to hail the success of sanctions in reining in North Korea's nuclear ambitions, Israel's leader is not likely to be convinced. IDF General (res.) Amos Yadlin, a former Military Intelligence Chief, is one of the very few Israelis who know the facts about a potential Israeli air strike on Iran's nuclear weapons program. On the eve of summit, IsraCast analyst David Essing reports on Yadlin's opinion piece in the New York Times; he also has a suggestion for Prime Minister Netanyahu.


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IsraCast Archive | March-April 2012

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