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About IsraCast

IsraCast is an independent, multimedia broadcast and distribution network that focuses on Israeli foreign affairs and defense issues. Based in Jerusalem, this non-profit website provides up to date and in depth analysis and comment on the major news events of the day. Since November 2003, the website has been operating on a full time basis providing integrated written and audio reports, exclusive interviews, flash presentations, and photos. The audio material, of high quality, is available to radio stations and websites as is all the other material. This method has resulted in IsraCast reaching a rapidly growing target audience which is not available to other websites. Having adopted an innovative and dynamic approach, IsraCast always seeks new ways of maximizing its presentations on the Internet. This has been achieved with the facilities of a professional recording studio and a full time staff with access to the country's leaders and experts.

Avi Yaffe

Co-Founder & Executive Producer

Avi Yaffe is probably one of Israel's most recognized and respected personalities in the studio and sound recording industry. A native of Israel, Avi is a 40-year veteran of the recording industry.

His dramatic recordings from a Suez Canal bunker during the Yom-Kippur War of 1973 garnered international attention. Those recordings, which are featured on the IsraCast homepage, have once again drawn world attention during this 30-year anniversary of the war. Since 1963, when he founded his Jerusalem Recording Studio, Avi has been servicing the broadcast needs of professional journalists, recording and transmitting feeds to radio stations all over the world.

Avi Yaffe Jerusalem Recording Studios

Studio Production and Digital Remastering

Avi Yaffe Jerusalem Recording Studios, Israel's leading recording and broadcast facilities, provides all of IsraCast's recording, post-production and transmitting needs.

Located in Jerusalem, Avi Yaffe Jerusalem Recording Studios offers two fully-equipped, state-of-the-art studios, top-of-the-line broadcasting and editing equipment and a seasoned team of audio technicians. It offers a full range of broadcast options--from pre-recordings to live broadcasts--and its services can be tailored to every conceivable format.

David Essing

Senior Correspondent & News Analyst

David Essing is one of the best known and most experienced English-language reporters in Israel. For more than 30 years, he has been at the heart of breaking news events, through Israel's wars and peace-making. An IDF combat veteran, Essing was sent to cover the Yom-Kippur War on the Golan Heights in 1973. In addition to reporting from the front lines, he and several colleagues captured seven Syrian soldiers during the fighting on the road to Damascus.

Mordechai I. Twersky


Mordechai I. Twersky is a co-founder of IsraCast. His career in journalism has spanned print, radio, television and new media. A native of New York City, Mordechai arrived in Israel in 1998. Most recently, Mordechai hosted the daily "Newsmakers" interview program for Jerusalem Post Radio. Prior to that, he was Editor of Streaming Media for Virtual Jerusalem, where "Newsmakers" first made its internet debut. He has reported for The New York Times; has served as a television broadcast reporter for a number of U.S. cable outlets; and also reported for The Jewish Week in New York City. An alumnus of Yeshiva University in New York City, Mordechai graduated with honors from Columbia University's Graduate School of Journalism in 1997. He is the scion of the 250-year Twersky-Heschel Eastern European rabbinic-Hasidic dynasty tracing its roots to Chernobyl, Ukraine.

Rivki Matan

Multimedia Coordinator & Website Manager

 Rivki serves as system manager and operator of the IsraCast website and its Facebook pages. She also assists in the translation and editing of IsraCast’s stories and articles.

Netanel Bar-David

Webmaster & Technical Supervisor

Netanel is in charge of development and system administration of the IsraCast website. Apart from his technical contribution, Netanel also serves as a producer and sound-technician, supporting IsraCast's stories and articles production.

Hovav Oppenheim

Flash Designer & Sound Editor

Hovav Oppenheim is a Graduate of Visual Communications at Israel's prestigious Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem. Born in Israel, Hovav has worked for more than five years in sound, multimedia production and web design. Since joining Avi Yaffe Jerusalem Recording Studios, Hovav has recorded, edited and digitally mastered interviews and produced multimedia Flash presentations for IsraCast.

Talia Adar

Consultant and International Relations

Talia Adar serves as a consultant for IsraCast and oversees the International Relations department.

Talia immigrated to Israel from the U.S. and currently resides in Jerusalem.

Since 1993, Talia has been with the Israeli Police Reserves, working in both the patrol and undercover units. She is currently the Operations Officer for the Civil Guard, Zion Station, Jerusalem Region in a Reservist capacity.

Talia has worked in television, film, and radio production in Los Angeles, Tel Aviv and Jerusalem; and worked at the Jerusalem Post in various capacities for a number of years. She is currently the Director of Operations for Protect - Israeli Security Solutions, and is also involved with the International Intelligence Summit, a not-for-profit organization that brings together intelligence agencies of the free world and the emerging democracies to share ideas in the common war against terror.

Mufid Salah

IsraCast adviser on the Druze community

Mufid Salah is a native Druze who lives in the village of Sajur and an IDF reserve lieutenant colonel. He was a vice-governor in the city of Beit Lehem, governor of the Jordan Valley and Jericho and currently he is the head of land registration office in Ariel. He is also a member of 'Tzevet' - the IDF veterans association in the north Galilee and a member in the science school for the Druze community in Yarka. Mufid Salah is married and has eight children.

Ami Arad

Chief Sound Engineer

Ami Arad is chief engineer at Avi Yaffe Jerusalem Recording Studios, and sound supervisor at IsraCast. With more than ten years of experience in music recording, post-production and teaching, Ami helps bring IsraCasts high-quality audio broadcasts on the air. Ami is a graduate with honors of both Yoav Gera Sound School Tel-Aviv, and Trebas Institute-Vancouver, Canada, and has a B.A. degree in Musicology from The Hebrew University, Jerusalem,

Yael Yaffe

Graphic Design, Marketing & Production

A native of Jerusalem, Yael is an accomplished graphic designer who studied at the Avni Institute-College for Art and Design in Tel Aviv. She also has taken courses in web design at "Mentor" in Tel Aviv. Yael has worked closely with IsraCast since its inception, creating dynamic graphics and compelling presentations. At Avi Yaffe Jerusalem Recording Studios, where she has worked since 1994, Yael serves as Director of Marketing and Graphic Design. She is responsible for the production and design of the Studio's colorful website, www.aviyaffe.com.

Tomer Yaffe

Scientific Adviser & Science-Technology Editor

Tomer Yaffe serves as a scientific adviser and chief editor of the Science & technology section. A native of Jerusalem, he is a graduate of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, having studied physics and cognitive science.

Iddo Genuth

Technology Reporter

Iddo Genuth has a Major in philosophy and cognitive science and an M.A. in philosophy of science from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. He is currently writing his P.H.D. Thesis on the relationship between science and technology under the guidance of Prof. Itamar Pitowsky and Prof. Isaac Ben-Israel. He was formerly a correspondent for several high profile Israeli computer and technology web sites.

Daffie Konis

Medicine & Life sciences reporter

Daffie studied biology in the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and will soon start her graduate studies in neuroscience after completing her B.A. in psychology. Working in several laboratories in the Hebrew University, Daffie had also acquired extensive first hand knowledge of the scientific process.

Amit Shabi


Sasson Tiram

Sasson Tiram has been a photojournalist in Israel for 24 years. He has an extensive experience with all aspects of photojournalism and public relations and has developed a specialty in photography of Jerusalem. Sasson graduated from the Hadassah College of Photography in 1978. Following his army service he was in charge of a photography laboratory for the Israeli Air Force. Several years later Sasson became one of the owners and managers of a large photojournalism agency in Jerusalem. At that time the agency was the sole supplier of photography of Jerusalem area for the largest communication group in Israel "Yediot Ahronot". Today Sasson owns and manages a private photojournalism agency "Sasson Tiram Photography LTD," in Jerusalem.